Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Toward a 'Special Tree' -- Body Count

Suspicions about the sudden boom in storage facility conversions have confirmed that such premises may be used to store more than family bric-a-brac and furnishings.

Last year, Florida journalism described a mummified infant found in a suitcase housed in a regional storage facility. This week, TV journalism ('Snapped') documented the discovery of an elderly woman found contained in a plastic-like trash receptacle housed in a California storage facility; the television situation comedy titled 'The New Ad-ventures of Old Christine' had already provided informal documentation of a certain sort. The influence network that had routed the woman into storage also exerted pressure on living 'Christines' to contribute comedy material to the sit-com with a resultant death rate.

The storage-facility business has been expanded into upscale acreages of buildings with gates and alarms, a business-domain which began with family-owned-and-operated garage conversions. It has become apparent that all such businesses should become the subjects of scheduled professional review actions, since "old Christine" may have been locked away in the trash receptacle for "more than three years" while participating influence networks pooled information that would continue the TV series.

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