Thursday, April 3, 2008

more transportation spectacles

The Stuart News dated 4/2/2008 has a front-page story with headline titled, '20-year-old to sail solo across the Atlantic', telling us that a young man from Sweden has parted company from his "friend, mentor and professional sailor" aged in his 60s. A photo shows the young sailor, become the subject of an influence network, leaving Martin County "to begin his...solo voyage across the Atlantic". We are told that the mentor is an author, but are not told his whereabouts as the return trip begins.

On the way to the Savannas Preserve State Park hiking trails near Jensen Beach, Florida, a boat nearly the size of the "vogage" vessel could be seen foundered in the Indian River Lagoon after the weekend's thunderstorms; not far away a dinghy floated along the shoreline as well, without any apparent mooring. Hiking through the ranger-staffed park was uneventful -- young alligators could be seen paddling in the flooded terrain basin, in the company of a small toad and tortoise reconnoitering on the trails from a distance, as well as baby fish and a sizeable number of birds. The park has a new bridge built across one portion of the flood-plain basin, and a sign at the entrance names the place as one of the best, medal-awarded; the visitor's center informs us that feral cats number among the menaces to the flood-basin aquatic nursery/natal grounds.

Below:  unusually close praying mantis [time-stamp dates are wrong]

After repast at a local Mexican restaurant, the return drive to the condo complex was notable because an usually loud impact noise could be heard from afar.

The 11:00 p.m. TV journalism broadcast from West Palm Beach Station showed a video of an older-model semi-tractor-trailor truck being driven the wrong way on a four-lane roadway, directly beside the concrete center-barrier (opposing the fast lane). The video also showed the truck ultimately crashing into the barrier and jack-knifing, the entire vehicle set afire from the impact, as an instant holocaust in the roadway. The setting appeared to be daytime.

The young sailor, obviously coached to speak prior to send-off, had said he was "very, very nervous"; his generational counterpart in the truck has perished perhaps as a result from similar attention.

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