Friday, April 25, 2008

Into the Can -- Theory and Sentiment

Decades ago, planning to investigate a small roadside-rest/monument site in Degolia, Pennsylvania, as an archaeological endeavor was broadsided with telephone report-demand calls that used all my replies to initiate new business enterprises and political actions. As reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Philadelphia, PA, small-building and flag designs intended to signal formal investigative work at the site were instead 'erected' elsewhere -- checkpoint building designs were set up to operate recreation-site snack bars elsewhere among other uses; incredibly enough, the flag designs have been published and claimed to be the new 'picks' of various foreign nations.

Other examples of 'Murphy's Law' include the installation of electric-window switches within many popular vehicle 'makes and models', with the knowledge that entrapment within such automotive confines during crashes or conflagrations might be inevitable -- as is characteristic of those escorted/guided into the legal-casework profession, the first tragedy and resultant test case was awaited but that test case might well appear to be 'Jackson' in California, where a glove-compartment 'escape hammer' device could not be reached through flames.

As previously noted as Internet input, the behavior of drivers operating the electric-window vehicles is observably different from that of other drivers, and there is some possibility that the extensive new road-building activity is intended to clear the way for such vehicle owners to drive directly to Detroit, Michigan, and demand window installations that have the greatest -- not the least -- probability of safe exit during accident or intentional smash-up.

Then, perhaps following, is the most direct route to fill the Niagara Basin at Niagara Falls, New York, with the rejected most inescapable vehicles, with the option for the Lackawanna Steel Mills to reclaim the metalwork and collect 'special' overtime pay.

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