Friday, April 11, 2008

Planning Presidencies and the Need to Have '111'

Northwestern Pennsylvania's Appalachian Mountain range includes the Allegheny Mountains, home to oil refineries installed after boom-town woodcutters cleared the deadwood from forests to build homes. The oil industry can be dangerous and exhaustive work, demanding much cooperation from area denizens as family-owned-and-operated businesses strive to maintain standards of safety and cleanliness. The Cline family is one such company located just outside Degolia, PA, in McKean County's Bradford, PA area.

Cut to the Clinton presidential campaigns and the Democratic Party, which brings us many new and innovative machine designs and purposes. Both bids have been backed so as to require mandatory citizen reports and other cooperation which will assure continued and complete fail-safe industry operations -- an effort that also hopes to formalize practices which route U. S. citizens into Canada and beyond if immediate responses are not made during report-demand actions.

Many people die during such demand actions, when sleep and other vital functions are compromised -- at the least an embarassment for those who have contributed to such untimely demises. Therefore, an effort has been made to generate first the '911' emergency-call procedure (successful) and also a '111' sudden-death call procedure (huh?). '911' is no longer big news but where is '111'?

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