Friday, April 18, 2008

Solar Cool

The advent of solar-powered outdoor lamp-lights is apparently an ongoing celebration among other species as well among humans.

Here in Florida, near four major waterways. lizards and frogs cohabit in and around the solar lamp-lights, with such resultant phenomena as:

o Frog sheds skin upon outside air-conditioner metal housing, inches from whirling fan blades; skin dries to lustrous hardness and can be removed or replaced as a sort of knick-knack.
o Lizard sheds mucousal coating which gives the little beast a gecko-like appearance; mucousal coating has resemblance to other mucousal matter, such as human vaginal discharge or fetal tissue lying in the roadway.
o Frogs pile up within the upright posts of solar-light lamps arranged along a condominium complex pathway, hanging heads and upper bodies out through post holes which at one time contained (as if threaded) a short cross-post (lost? differently appropriated?). Retreat means that the entire post vibrates and shakes from within, as if electrically wired to do so, as novel nightime action. Entire gestault viewed near cactus digitally modified to have cross-like appearance.
o A Komodo dragon lays eggs and dies in a United Kingdom zoo (journalism tells us); suddenly, a small white gellish orb with the appearance of a lifeless egg is found deposited on the inside glasslike pane of a solar lamp at Florida condo doorway near reptile mates.

And others:

o Tiny gopher tortoise digs tunnel near thorny vine on sandy road; the plant shoot arches a few inches just past a roadway curve, such that a bare foot or large toe might slide beneath the arch and be impaled or at least raked.
o A black snake variety known for its eventual huge size 'hangs out' near condominium complex signs that bear the appellation 'Kingswood'.

Stepping carefully is a must-see.

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