Monday, March 22, 2010

why not...

About a half hour ago, one of the yearly hailstorms commenced, complete with crunching-sound thunder and lightning. All ice having fallen (the size of commercial/residential ice-control salt), the distant rumbles of colliding clouds continue with slight's breeding season in the Allegheny Mountains!

Orange segments dropped near inland water streams in FL mean nesting time as angry 'gators recoup from seasonal egg-removal and outright shootings; here in northwestern PA, near the Enchanted Mountain range, it's discarded orange peels and baby snapping turtle time (the water's still too cold for people now anyway). Apple-blossom time should be forthcoming soon.

Brown beer bottle discard on Pleasant Street near recent blue painted flood-marker and shattered brown glass on Edward Street near Bennett Brook; disposable lighters scattered along ATA bus route throughout city. Snuff cans hither and yon, as well as an occasional jerky container.

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