Monday, March 29, 2010

who does what to whom

o website (among others) presents an Associated Press write-up titled, 'NKorea accuses South of psychological warfare'. North Korea _________ (what?), South_________ (Korea? what?). The article uses the term "spokesman", but is that really the viewpoint of such a person -- a "spokesman" for the Red Army in Asia? More collegiate hijinks at the diplomatic level (with rackets in hand)?

o When I graduated from Bradford Area High School decades ago, our graduating class was one of the largest yet seen in this city. During the ceremony, we were all seated in a new auditorium side-by-side; then at the ceremony's conclusion, shoulder to shoulder we all stood as expected and many began their post-secondary lives with a quick grasp of the tassel dangling from the mortar-board headgear to move it from one side of the cap to the other. Only I was so tightly squeezed that, with arms pressed tightly against my body and legs tightly held together, one foot slightly forward for balance,  the tassel was moved with a quick toss of my head.

A TV journalism segment recently showed a red-haired male paraplegic lacking arms below the shoulder, with legs apparently fused together showing one forward-facing foot. Instantly I flashbacked to that posture assumed at the close of the graduation ceremony in the northwestern PA mountains, and quite possibly so have some number of other grads there. The real suspicion is: can birth defects be intentionally caused using continual telephone call-demand contacts?

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