Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what's not new, but...

o The Internet service, originally described as an 'employment search' service, is now apparent as a general search website within ISP similar to others such as 'Yahoo!Search'.

o Water continuously trickles from a specific 'spot' on north Pleasant Street between Jackson Avenue and Pearl Streets here in Bradford, PA, as the presumed action of a spring but also perhaps a water-pipe leak during past years until the present time. The sidewalk is grassy and perpetually soggy.

o The Internet tells us that a Boston man is being held in Korea; the Archaeological Institute of America is headquartered in Boston, MA, and it is sincerely hoped that our little oracle-bead site in Degolia, PA (near Bradford, PA), has not been the impetus. The mucousal-artifact site has not yet been formally investigated among real archaeologists, although reported to local UPB faculty decades ago.

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Anonymous said...

Please explain how you connect the AIA with these deaths...I don't quite understand