Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rescue they

This past week a TV segment aired as part of the Palm Beach broadcasting networks showed two examples of two-headed animals -- a rat snake and a turtle, both active with two functional heads.

The TV show narrator said that they were born in captivity, which raises some concern about the people who have been documented with 'extra' heads or extremities or internal organs. None of those such people are recorded in historical documents as captives, although some hint is given with the continuity of the term 'Siamese twins'.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

critter talk

The NetZero website this date features yet another article describing a "greening disease" that affects citrus crops -- first in FL and now recently in CA. Human populations that [now] move from CA to FL and back (typically from northern CA) have adopted a mental-mindset of limestone carriers (see composition of corn tortillas) that to some extent is a match with sub-tropical hermit crab behavior, such crabs carrying univalve seashells within which they hide or carry minerals to their fellow crabs and which resemble tiny pyramid carriers. Hermit crabs are found in southern CA, FL and elsewhere within the Atlantic seaboard regions.

Alas, and with alarm was noted a live earwig casting on the sidewalk here at Kingswood condo complex in Stuart, FL. Earwigs have pincer-type tail extensions and appear to be a type of augmented beetle. Earwigs are common in the northwest PA mountains near the oracle-bead chronicle artifact site in Degolia, PA. Although the San Francisco peninsula in CA is a location that supports a living historical palm-tree preserved as a near-microscopic baby-palm-tree image within the Degolia oracle-bead, no earwigs were observed during an almost 30-year time period within that region. Salamanders, centipedes and spiders typical of the McKean County, PA, locale were settled in near the oracle-shown tree, but no earwigs were visible or detected.

If earwigs begin "hitching a ride" to CA, will Chowchillans visit more grief upon the upper Appalachian populations maintaining properties in FL?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the future is masts

Directly south of Kingswood condo complex proper in Stuart, FL, yet lies a narrow wasteland of hurricane-pummeled ground between the buildings' back yard area and the flow of water from the retaining pond sloughing toward the St. Lucie River.

Large whitish-tan denuded tree trunks stand tall among scrub brush, leaf litter, and small remnants of condo furnishings strewn about during the hurricane-force tropical storms of past years. The metal frame of a microwave/air-conditioner template lies crushed and flattened among leafy sprouts and sand. Not unusually, the small cul-de-sac setting near the wasted appliance sports a grounded tree trunk and occasional metal/plastic beverage container cast-offs. Having removed a renovation-compound bucket holding a fishing line with slightly rusting hook (said bucket labeled with the line-drawing of a small child bent over contained liquid), then later tossing a token mushroom exhibit to the pair of mergansers diving in the sluggish water, the following article was observed using the Internet.

At, clicking along to, is the article titled 'Chain saws, generator stolen from store', "...21 Husqvarna...from Canfield's Lawn and Shinglehouse..." (PA). Because demanding work from hurricane survivors is tres gauche (so say the French), it would not be surprising if some sudden crew leapt forth one dewy southern FL morning to cut and take the potential sailboat wood, making a heck of a lot of noise as well.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

wicked warm

A different, more slender rope, nicely knotted, now binds the front flashguard beneath the bumper on the Lincoln-Mercury Grand Marquis parked outside its owner's condo in Kingswood complex, Stuart, FL

Hilarity -- pro and con

San Francisco, CA, is hosting the Oracle computer-software company annual conference (see, San Francisco, CA). Other links with the descriptive entry at Topix describe Oracle's "acquisition" of BEA software applications.

From an archaelogical point-of-view, this entire business enterprise domain has become hilarious. Influence-network telephone reply-demand calls in the past elicited from me the possibility that a special computer program can be set up to contain and analyze all the data collected and inputted during a formal archaelogical investigation of an oracle-bead chronicle (artifact) and limestone roadside-rest/monument site in Degolia, PA.

That the verbal articulation that a computer program will be helpful to the investigation has mushroomed into a multi-national 'firm' busy expanding ("elasticity") their operations into any software domain possible using computer electronics -- to the extent that annual conferences are scheduled and big-time employee payrolls are maintained, as well as company performance citations.

The Oracle company in no way addresses the intent to have archaeological data-input from the Degolia site professionally aggregated and collated, just as the 'Balco' company also did not address intent to interpret oracle-bead content-imagery (such as uses of idols in the jungle and also the purposes of ball-handling activities) and distribute educational materials, nor did the 'Enron' company set-up in any slight way comprehend the intent to interview people who reside very close to the Degolia site (someone named 'Ron Knott' as example).

These huge companies have been set up using a few telephone reply-demand calls and the words and phrases elicited during such replies demanded, without any comprehension whatsoever about the archaeological purpose intended. The hilarity does not include the fact that many tonnages of food energy were expended and wasted, often using animals/plants that have been killed to fuel the corporate undertakings. Complaints to police about the influence-networking were completely disregarded among business-domain investors, "movers and shakers".

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just an ordinary Sunday in Kingswood

Sunday was hot and sunny, and an abundance of small acorns littered the asphalt pavement near parked cars of the elderly, as dropped from a less-than-mighty oak tree.

Therefore, the second sweep-up of the year was made so as to prevent sudden slippage on the round nuts while walking to cars, pool and/or trash receptacles. The inner waxed bag from a cereal box was used to contain the scattered acorns and was filled to the top.

The loud 'crack' of a small gun signaled the approach of small children toward the swimming pool enclosure as the sweep-up was almost finished, as scrub-jay birds shrieked and a squirrel chattered from the oak tree and nearby bushes.

Later, after nighttime darkness cooled the city of Stuart, FL, all around, the waxed bag of acorns was toted to the far exit/entrance from/to Kingswood Terrace Road and the contents poured into a grassy area near the retaining pond and slough leading to the St. Lucie River (much to the relief of fauna all around, including bee representatives injured during pesticide applications). Some confusion was evident among housed human inhabitants since the tote-bag was a 'Walgreen's' printed plastic bag (said store walkably about a half-dozen blocks away, some shelves stocked with boxed cereals), the historically-touted acorns were poured from a standard waxed cereal bag, and the fresh-water slough was only a few steps away (flowing slowly into the river).

Will giant wild pigs again forage south of Kingswood condo complex or will aquatic birds savor a welcome change of fare?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Logic of a certain sort

o September 11 this month was remarkable for the Mailer-Daemon warnings received after forwarding some past e-mails to the Bradford Landmark Society in Bradford, PA, with regard to the Degolia oracle-bead site and misinterpretation of explanations about the site.

o The A1A Discount Beverage strip-mall store, owned by a "native of Lebanon", was reported in the Palm Beach Post newspaper dated 9/16/2008 as the scene where an "intruder had pointed a gun at family members, including...the seven-month-old child...". Robert Martin, 35, of Lake Worth was killed and is named as a robbery suspect within the journalism.

As previously noted, a call had been made in 2006 to a Palm Beach television station's toll-free telephone line describing the lack of sidewalk entryways to plazas along SE Ocean Boulevard here in Martin County's north Stuart, FL, riverside area. Staff members took information about the hazardous situation; then, a telephone call was received from a SC area-code number (as if the entire Eastern Conference was needed to resolve the situation) and social pressure has been exerted since that time in this post-hurricanes region. Truly, the Palm Beach county TV station was listed in the local Martin County/St. Lucie County telephone directory or those broadcasters would not have been contacted as one of the nearest TV stations to Stuart.

Friday, September 19, 2008

oh yeah

An automobile with 'AZ' license plate (???) has been observed to park at a condo here in Kingswood condominium complex during the past few weeks.

A pattern of condo use has been observed here, where some units are rented out 'internally' to friends or family of other Kingswood unit owners -- the visitors/tenants use a family condo then tests are arranged to change the vehicle licensing to 'FL' licensing.

The networking is quite slick and also routes people directly into FL schools, perhaps necessitating a new law for FL that limits school enrollment to residents who have "lived" in FL at least a year prior to enrollment application process. Perhaps the licensing binge can be controlled with similar laws addressing the licensing of vehicles in FL.


The reason that this (we)blog has been initiated is to attempt explanation about the discovery of a tiny oracle-bead artifact in the western PA mountains. The artifact is made from a waxy gel and is so small that most people in the region believe that they are seeing an old dead egg from some kind of creature, beneath a limestone roadside-rest/monument.

The site requires some sort of archaeological investigation, but excavation is not necessary or appropriate -- therefore, my efforts to generate a formal archaeological investigation have been mis-interpreted in a variety of ways, many of those ways quite megolamanic.

The oracle-bead is a chronicle of world history and culture, preserved as someone's memory-images within the bead's waxy gel (determined to be mucous), which sometime in the past has been placed beneath a limestone structure in McKean County, PA. The first image of a strand of historical images is observable as a speck at the surface of the bead, and that 'speck' is an image of an immature palm-tree now a grown adult tree observable in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA.

The 'speck' as mentally transmitted has had a number of traceable results, including the U. S. Armed Forces' tour of Southeast Asia and Vietnam War in the 1960s which had the study of palm-trees and other edible Asian plants as its nondocumented intent.

Unfortunately, name-use schemes which contact specific people as person-to-person ploys have been rampant since the oracle-bead 'speck' was first mentally transmitted within a Methodist Church setting in Bradford, PA. 'John McCain' (see PA's 'Johnstown' plus 'CA/in' as associations relative to the historic Golden Gate palm tree) is one person sent into Southeast Asia who endured various military trials and tribulations that have continued his status as political 'cult-pick', now as Republican candidate to possibly be elected President of the United States in North America.

There are many reasons to not choose McCain to further lead this nation into the 21st century, among them the possibility of facilitating revenge against the culture that sent him into a southeast Asian war. McCain should instead be providing his own account of the contact methods and actions which sent him into Viet Nam, so that the influence-network cult participants who use the oracle-bead 'speck' and other artifact content imagery (as occult, mentally-transmitted data) can be fully identified and de-activated.

This morning's AOL News tells us that AIA Singapore (Asia) is replacing one of their top officers with "Executive Vice President Kenneth Juneau", as example of another political ploy coming-of-age with the introduction of AK's Sarah Palin as a possible "running mate" with McCain. It could be more of the same sociopolitical travesty to permit a 'CA/in' name-use influence-scheme patsy to assume the office of the U. S. Presidency, as an outcome possible when cult networking pressures voters to make decisions 'their way'.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Acrimony and acronymns

It was a horrible experience about a half-dozen years ago when an influence-network telephone demand-call relayed as my response my use of the acronym 'SUNY' to set up a cultural survey of the Sunnis in Iraq, and start a new war.

Since busy describing and trying to negotiate a formal investigation of an archaeological site in Degolia, PA (non-excavation), it's a wonder whether all my information and other-party references to the AIA (Archaeological Institute of America) ultimately are routed into all other 'AIA' acronym organization databases, such as the 'Architectural Institute of America' and the 'American International Assurance' Company, Ltd in Singapore (Asia) as the action of some data-homogenizing computer program.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ho hum

A blogger's dream come true -- degreed journalism "follows up" and matches a previous experience.

This weekend, during a retrace walk along St. Lucie Boulevard, more mangos were found on the sidewalk, one quite obviously and intentionally nibbled. As a squirrel watched from nearby foliage, a quick check of slough revealed nothing unusual and the 'damaged' mango was dispatched into a patch of marshy humous. Returning the exact same way (there is only one sidewalk on the farthest side of the roadway from the river), a small colorful snake about a foot in length was encountered belly up on the sidewalk nearest the traffic flow. Young corn snake, no rigour mortis, yet apparently lifeless.

A boy on a bicycle pedaled past on the sidewalk, since the roadway is curved and popular with cruisers. The snake was placed in the nearest grassy yard, beside a cement water-main cap. Only weeks ago, a larger version of the same snake variety was encountered on Kingswood Terrace Road, alive on the asphalt; later in the week the same snake was found steaming in 80+-degree heat in the soil at the edge of the road, stinking of partially-digested rodent. The yet-flexible body was removed to dusty ground at a tortoise tunnel dug undeneath a chain-link fence. Reptile to reptile, dust to dust, unless... .

Today's Palm Beach Post newspaper described a more unusual encounter, including a photograph that showed two (more) small snakes of the same variety found near the river. This story tells us that a bather in Ocean Crest, FL, was surprised by two colorful small snakes easing from the bathtub faucet into the water as she soaked.

Corn snakes are considered to be harmless, but they do have fangs of significant size and will repeatedly strike/bite if not handled with care (e.g., do not squeeze them). They are also constrictors and will immobilize and swallow rodents skittering nearby. It is suspected that the corn snake metamorphasizes into a rattlesnake phase if mistreated -- the coloration and markings are similar.

Monday, September 15, 2008

In a world where cheerleaders rock...

...the flatbed truck cometh.

Over this past week, a shiny silver-colored plastic bag sealed shut without any visible identification remained wedged beneath the metal railing on SE Ocean Boulevard at the northern boundary of Kingswood condo complex. Having grabbed and squeezed it a few evenings ago, it was determined to hold pieces of some kind of sponge -- harmless unless set afire. Having removed it last night from its apparent placement on the sidewalk beneath the lower bar of the railing, it was placed in the common garbage bin nearest its discovery zone, and was I was nearly flattened (again) by curious condo-dwellers emergent (similar to when I used a water-hose near bushes and grass when the regional water-use restrictions changed).

Apparently they all tossed and turned some more during the nighttime because the bag is opague and the contents cannot be seen. Since blogging about Chowchilla earlier, and following a series of e-mails and faxes sent throughout recent years to the Archaeological Institute of America describing how my Degolia (PA) site investigation check-point building designs were mentally seized (i.e. an occult acton) and set up elsewhere, this evening a large flat-bed truck has turned into Kingswood condos as if a preliminary survey was being conducted to carry the garbage bins away -- no wait, maybe one such small checkpoint building away (too), a checkpoint building far, far away from the limestone roadside-rest/monument oracle-bead site in the northwest PA mountains.

One of the other archaeological-checkpoint building designs was instead set up as a snack bar and equipment distribution point at Rushford Lake, NY, in the 1960s.

a quest continues

Following from the use of old stoves to support a new business here in marshy Martin County, FL, decades ago (see back issues of the Stuart News) was come the Chowchilla debacle in northern CA where a school bus was suddenly taken over and buried near that small city, causing trauma among schoolchildren and 'authorities' alike.

Chowchillans in southern FL continue to investigate the incident informally and so a significant number of Asian-theme restaurants now operate in the region to feed that non-documented investigation, some with 'authentic' Asian-heritage workers. Since the age 55+ condominium complexes have been permitted set-up in the region, largely populated with 'honorable discharge' company retirees, the number of 'foreign'-bloodline deaths have increased, including the death in past months of a local Japanese-heritage woman in her 40s.

Paradoxically, the entertainment industry is the cultural snafu since the recording industry uses "freedom of the press" as if the ethic is a law that permits them to seize, copy and sell any and all original recorded music. Entertainers who also maintain military-status roles, however without performance truth-in-advertising, have been thought to be "know-it-alls" from whom accurate counsel can be routinely solicited and instant action initiated.

The Chowchilla incident has been a socio-political boon for those CA inhabitants who now claim property rights in the state of FL as a sort of grievance action different from natural relocation selection.

Last night when I walked through a parking lot to the mail-box in the Ocean East Plaza beside a Chevron station, the extra extra long cord attaching a camper-type RV to the Chevron electrical outlet was a reminder of those kinds of interests who have extended themselves into this region and others using oil-company energy taps to maintain a para-military presence -- all while 'backing' peers and arts interests who have made entertainment the corrupt industry it is today. Sadly, the precedent used to continue an "anything goes" attitude prevalent within entertainment domains is that the first recorded/printed music was anonymous (different from 'not known').

As a pedestrian in 2006 when I arrived in northeast Stuart to visit relatives, the most obvious deficiency noticed was the lack of sidewalk entrances leading into the plazas situated on SE Ocean Boulevard. Paradoxically, the plazas also shelter medical-mall installations, although the only way to enter them from a sidewalk is to walk on vehicle-dominated asphalt roadway pavement. One plaza nearby Kingswood condo complex also houses a supermarket; the only way to walk over to it is to traverse cement-curb roadway 'linings' that are about a foot wide at the side of the plaza entrance where multiple lanes of traffic are controlled with a traffic signal.

Since an information tip was telephoned in to a regional Palm Beach television station about the hazardous status of the post-hurricane reconstruction effort, the supermarket has ostensibly changed ownership as advertised but no designated walkways into the plazas from sidewalks have been forthcoming. A 'private road' sign has been placed on an asphalt vehicular/pedestrian pathway situated beside the Ocean East plaza which advertises a theatre and that passes a small wooden bridge extending to the plaza parking lots; this sign suspiciously resembles the one placed at the entrance of an FBI parking lot in Buffalo, NY in the 1970s in the Kenmore District.

Friday, September 12, 2008

the crime fitting the punishment

o You know you're middle-aged when...a moving vehicle almost clips you while walking across the street and you turn to see the license plate number and there's NOTHING on the front of the vehicle. Worse, in a condominium through-street the driver-and-passenger combo whips their car around to face the walker, so that the rear license plate cannot be seen. Or, the car drives away between others moving the same way, and the rear license plate cannot be seen.

In the past, convicts in prisons would routinely work to make license plates, matched sets with serial numbers identifying a vehicle forward and backwards. Apparently a secret poll of prisoners confined in stultifying conditions revealed that they would rather not work at all ('all' being a full set), or would be willing to make specialty plates for the vehicle front bumpers. Or, specialty machines from the nation's engineers lack enough metal to satisfy the whims of consumers wanting more gadgets, so no front plate.

Can we seriously blame the convicts themselves for the less-safe and less-identifiable vehicular encounters? Or have their families been hood-winked into support of a detrimental change of license-plate manufacture policy?

Perhaps it's experimental -- in the way new drugs and medical procedures are 'experimental' until the death rate soars.

o And, it must be said that the death rate among passengers riding without seat belts is at least partly attributable to the fact that some drivers just buckle themselves in and begin driving before the passenger(s) can buckle themselves in.

o How about the Sojourner Truth wannabes decked out with protest signs at Casey Anthony's home in Orlando, FL. after she was released from prison custody?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


o The Stuart News dated 7/20/2008 has an article titled '28 immigrants detained in St. Lucie Inlet', "...believed to be from Cuba. ..." This week's journalism described an influx of Cuban frogs.
In fact, the standing water in the nearby preserve-type setting (after Tropical Storm Fay) has become the launch-zone for dozens of tiny, dime-sized frogs leaping about in the tall grass and trees between Kingswood condo complex and Ocean Palms retirement complex. One scaled a window at this unit; others are leaping about the sidewalks involuntarily as people walk past. It's a sad situation because it is easy to avoid them when walking alone on the sidewalk, but when other pedestrians approach the tiny amphibians flatten and collapse on the cement.

Flashback to springtime in the western PA mountains, where is generated an influx of tiny peeper toads, also hatched from eggs deposited in the standing water which puddles as a result from sunlight melting snow plus thunderstorm rainfall. Thousands of tiny hopping toads move throughout McKean County, warming themselves on forest-lane asphalt and congregating near blackberry/raspberry bushes and wild cherry trees.

o The Jacksons are scheduled to perform a 'reunion' show in southern FL this year. But, today's Internet journalism describes an earthquake in southern Iran, "...shaking Dubai...across the narrow Strait of Hormuz from the United Arab Emirates". Dubai is described as having some of the world's tallest skyscrapers, and the UAE have been described as a Michael Jackson post.

o A man fell off a barge this morning in the St. Lucie River near the Roosevelt Bridge where the two forks diverge. He was said to have been reaching for a tool, according to Internet news posted at from Flashback to San Francisco, CA, where a realty 'handyman' exited our small rental apartment with the family screwdriver one day, and sometime later may have been found drowned in San Francisco Bay.

The only unusual circumstance here near Kingswood was a mango seed drying out on the sidewalk of St. Lucie Boulevard just past the intersection with SE Ocean Boulevard, with a crushed fruit nearby. As an offering, the combo was tossed into the slough further south from the intersection, with the hope that the lost man will surface soon.

We'll see.

Monday, September 8, 2008

More more more

o Is is probable that the previously-described pharmacy is the subject of an 'employee-owned-and-operated' takeover attempt, with all its special attributes. Normally, a local pharmacy is the last place a person would expect to become tripped up, but apparently some employee populations are coached try to have some kind of majority vote presentable within the community to bolster their wishes.

o The little buddy has returned! Usually he returns to view Geico commercials, but this evening he appeared on the outside window screen precisely when the 'Family Guy' animated cartoon episode was showing the 'evolution of reptiles' segment.

o One Tropical Storm paused outside Cape Canaveral, TV journalism told us, where one past rocket launched hit a bird in flight.

o Surprise! 'Dr. Michael Fox' is a veterinarian featured within the Palm Beach Post newspaper -- and a little fox grabs a Stover by the foot? Huh?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

'The Man with the Hook' stories

In late October 2006, my first daytime walk in Stuart, FL, was punctuated by a man on a bicycle riding in the roadway alongside the sidewalk dangling a fishhook on a pole behind him in the future bicycle lane.

Growing up in the northwestern PA mountains, 'man with a hook' stories usually described an angry man who would suddenly appear beside a parked car and rip open a door. The movie industry has given us performer Richard Harris filmed as 'A Man Called Horse' who was impaled with a giant hook during some kind of brutal tribal ceremony.

The 'hook' typical of such stories is also equated with the trigger of a gun, which can cause a great deal of tissue damage when the firearm discharges; and with tools such as blow-torches.

This region has accommodated the installation of numerous Asian-American restaurants as a ploy to assume university status, as actions which employ CA-origin Asian-Americans. The new bicycle path alongside the newly renovated roadway has been observed to hold various items such as nuts and bolts (one day a bag of onion rings) that riders must negotiate as they bike through the age 55+ condominium complexes beside the St. Lucie River -- complexes largely populated with retired military 'Honorable Discharges'.

The 'Honorable Discharges' for the most part do not have their own discrete organization where they can routinely rehash their military training without practicing it elsewhere, but array themselves in a variety of work-related groups such as AARP from which attitudes and emotions trickle into the larger population.

'Man with a hook' stories may have contributed to the sociological conditions which have fostered various school-grounds massacres.

Enough, hazers, enough

This date, this region at 1:40 p.m. a telephone rang here at Kingswood Condos #54-4 -- directly before a telephone rang during a History Channel ( TV show.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Confectionary ploy

This ploy can be followed using back issues of the Stuart News.

o Decades ago, old useless stoves were used to support new business enterprise dwellings in the Martin County swamplands.

o Fig trees growing along SE Monterey Road in Stuart, FL, drop their small fruits directly on ground, sidewalk, and roadway. On the west side of the Road, business personnel sweep up the figs and carry them away. The lone fig tree on east-side pharmacy property is not the subject of any fruit collection efforts; the sidewalk is slippery with ripe fruit near the pharmacy drive-through entrance/exit, across the road from the Visiting Nurses Association building. The VNA is written up some years as the host organization for a historical-airplane flight show.

o The anticipated fig candies have not yet materialized, but the possibility remains conscious.

o A young Stover girl in Jensen Beach is bitten by a fox in her back yard mere weeks before the first figs hit the ground.

Can this be any more thick a plot?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

the popular drugstore

The figs are falling, the figs are falling! The wind is steady and hurricanes approach. After a year of streaking back and forth through the trees, the lizards do push-ups and inflate their red-and-white streaked throats in anticipation. The figs are small, and some are packaged for sale in the drugstore but not those near the pharmacy chain-store lying on the ground.

Slugs flatten into sombrero-forms and glide into position under structures near the trees.

But what is this? A baby eaglet on the asphalt, dead; crumpled young armadillos fail to cross the new post-hurricane roadways; the nips and tucks of vigilant wildlife are quickly punished.

Some of the figs have fallen prematurely, green and lifeless on sidewalk and roadway, as drama addicts cruise past and squeal their automotive-vehicle wheel-assemblies, fingering electronic window-switches.

Beside a pharmacy popular in many ways, the property-site figs are a definite plus.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We're not forgetting

A short time after the engine-zone rope-clad bumper (on a Grand Marquis) was reported to here in Martin County, FL, a lone driver in a blue Corvette convertible came circling into the Kingswood condo complex; the standing water after TS Fay also caught his eye (as a potential mosquito breeding area).

The next night, a Sunday, a different someone lit what seemed to be a flare in the middle of the through-road a short distance from both roped bumper and standing water, a small fire blazing in the darkness; leaving two red patches on the crumbling asphalt, the fire-spot was nearly two feet in circumference and its burn residue was only slightly discernible in the roadway in the following daytime.

Last year, a vat was reported missing from the Buffalo, NY, area and the publicity plus the dual surveillance seems to verify an intent, perhaps, to concoct a cedar beverage from other standing water and the cedar trunk lying on the ground cut in short lengths nearby.

What else can an onlooker possibly believe?

Monday, September 1, 2008


o The broken white marker-pipe remains as if spear-tipped near the Treasure Coast Hospice thrift shop. Four plastic bottles have been placed over the sharp point beside the sidewalk on SE Ocean Boulevard until the present time. The first and second plastic-bottle 'caps' used were Coca-Cola bottles in primo condition, and both were dislodged during phases of Tropical Storm Fay here in Martin County, FL; the third bottle used as protective cap was a weathered, trash-category ribbed Crystal Geyser bottle already disintegrating, that one quickly gone as placed; and the most recent 'cap' has been a sturdy 'Glaceau' plastic bottle found near the retaining pond on Kingswood Terrace Road that spins on its wider bottle-top after placement over the ersatz spear-tip. All such plastic bottles have been placed over the damaged PVC pipe to prevent any samurai-style impalements. [As of November 2009 -- Schwepps]

o Since the nearby riverbanks have been divided-up and claimed to be private property now supporting cement-block habitations, the simple task of collecting riverbed pebbles for plant pot drainage purposes has been completely stymied. We may see the pebbles at close range from the Riverwalk wooden dock-like structure built along the riverbank.

o Another 'baby-in-a-box' image has been encountered as a label placed beneath the cover of a styrene storage container, showing the line-image of a baby sitting in a square box with the lid nearby, resembling a person sitting in a square swimming pool with lid nearby, and is additionally labeled with a printed "suffocation risk" tag.