Friday, February 22, 2008

Apex: the Democratic Candidate

Last month, Sir Edmund Hillary died. It's a wonder -- will the vast pyramid scheme of non-necessary businesses, social services programs, and journopathy working to put the first woman into the office of the Presidency finally end too?

As example: 'Curves' + 'Old Navy' + 'Jamba Juice' should = a secure place and viable local National Guard personnel plans so that Navy sonar equipment can be seized and implemented as an immediate action during aquatic emergency (i.e., drownings) -- but instead, there is/not a profit margin listed in the New York Stock Exchange plus demands to have workers who will supply the retail stock AND a steady stream of buyers.

Another example: with all the natural and synthetic materials and increased knowledge available to members of the medical sciences professions, the metal-working industry should be signing off from its most barbaric past 'doctoring' procedures ( primarily a use of needle and scalpel to pacify and repair ill 'patients') -- instead, new and more invasive procedures make medical practice more horrifying than every before. The Gastro-Intestinal Bypass procedure, intended to be based upon Japanese obi-band use, has been initiated with the kind of glee that accompanies a sports contest, where the 'obi band' is foreign and wrong so the knife doth protest.

A series of impeachments quite rudely eliminated other contenders with similar viewpoints to the CHAMPIONED WOMAN, but there is hope at the end of the wire -- to all appearances the natural death from old age of the first explorer to climb Mount Everest!

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