Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blizzard conditions forecast

'Special' sewer-pipe caps are shown. A wheel submerged in Tun'a Creek is not unusual in the Bradford, PA, area, since entire legions of grocery carts have been seen to roll along in the lengthy creekbed until they rust and fall apart. The footbridge was stable in the 1960s but has been blocked to foot traffic during past decades following the UPB campus installation.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

evolution of the species (plural)

Two spinal-bones from the spinal column of a FL supermarket fowl show an amazing resemblance to cattle heads...or should we say, 'steer heads'.

Suspicions confirmed

Yesterday's Internet update from the Archaeological Institute of America describes an upcoming Archaeology Fair scheduled in Milwaukee, WI, years after two 'Musicians found dead above Milwaukee studio' in Wisconsin in 2007 (see current entry).

Philadelphia, PA, has most recently been the location to stage an Archaeology Fair following a series of deaths that continued during event set-up, with one man falling to his death from an hotel window.

It's a wonder if the Archaeology Fairs are actively intended to provide the influence of higher education as protection for those deemed "primitive" (e.g., out-of-wedlock).

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

images of Bradford PA, wintertime

Open sesame! (or, 'Cesse-ami'?) 'Bradford'-lettered drain cover on Summer Street appears to be a wintertime 'pop-up'.
Bennett Brook near city limits west Bradford is securely channeled.
Faded red lighter lying in sooty slush along West Washington Street causes flashbacks to similar lighter-drops in Stuart FL (not far from a maybe-uranium pellet-drop on A1A).  Dead rodent seen lying on sidewalk at Summer Street/Jackson Avenue.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

beachpod retrospective

Far from the freezing FL subtropics, a beachpod retrospective also seems appropriate.

finally! the right word combo

o Should Kennedy Street in Bradford, PA, nearby the Tun'a Creek, really have one of these waterpipes uncapped in plain view? A nice-and-easy white PVC cap has recently been seen fitted into an open sidewalk pipe in downtown Bradford, not easily dislodged without damage to the fixture.

o Regional cemeteries in McKean County, PA, were installed very near waterstreams beginning in the 1960s, and recently the Bradford city hospital has expanded premises with new construction, keeping pace with cemetery expansion near the waterstreams -- a clear sign that not only the paint is waterborne in the region now. A section of Pleasant Street housing was destroyed years ago near the city's hospital and was replaced with a hospital parking lot.
Following Internet search from the 'archaeology' keyword at, an entry in that website's 'Sci/Tech' section was found that describes, 'Medical Center receives $4,000 from Tuna Club' on Catalina Island in South Carolina -- "The Avalon Tuna Club Foundation...presents a check to Catalina Medical Center...". But who will investigate the correlation between Bradford Regional Medical Center expansion and the expansion of regional streamside cemeteries (not to mention the expansion of UPB campus)?

o 'Sweepstakes Clearinghouse' in TX sends me flyer-type product descriptions along with company checks to be returned and applied as substantial reductions in the retail prices of specific products. Usually they present items such as radar detectors in terms that allude to evasion of law enforcement attention, but today they have finally made mention of the life-saving potential of those devices.

>>After chopping ice in the driveway after a slight sunny-afternoon thaw, kitty litter on the remaining skid zone makes sense to me too.

Friday, February 19, 2010

...but this is Bradford PA!

More snuff cans -- others seen lying around in Stuart, FL, too!
As if prepared with near-freezing temperatures in Martin County, FL, the environment in McKean County, PA, hovers around 30 degrees F.

Microcosm, crabitat Indian river lagoon, west access island beneath the Lyons Bridge, Stuart FL

Brrr! Hermit crabs reddened and sluggish in near-freezing and windy temperature dip, Stuart

utilitarian heavies

Sewall's Point in Martin County, FL: cracked sidewalk surrounding concrete electrical-wire column and tank located nearby police station there.

now where was I

Remember the Vero Beach, FL, man overboard incident -- another cruise ship loss reported in the mass media? Well, this is what's surfacing in the Martin County habitat.

Neighborhood tree, W Washington Street near Interstate Parkway intersection in Bradford PA.