Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fermi energy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fermi energy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fermi energy, fermi level and fermi resonance are terms that can be applied to physical aspects of the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle, with each term relative to moisture, temperature and other-creature linkages. Perhaps a definite 'Fermi field' extends from Lake Erie to the southernmost/west area of Pennsylvania that passes/includes the oracle-bead site in Degolia PA.

Spanish silver and gold coins found near Jupiter Inlet | Video »

Spanish silver and gold coins found near Jupiter Inlet | Video »

Martin County FL seems to have something for everyone, without much actual space. The name of a sunken ship in the region appears to be a match with waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle artifact phenomena.

Monday, June 27, 2011

1490 NewsBlog: Buffalo Bills Unveil New Uniforms

1490 NewsBlog: Buffalo Bills Unveil New Uniforms

A 'Kelly' home has been addressed Pleasant Street between Pearl and Summer Streets here in Bradford PA, but it now looks BAAA-AAD  --  years without windows, a 'no occupation' warning sign on the front.  Weblog story comment preview below (not "approved" or displayed at website)

Newly constructed house (to right) sits on lot where former Third Ward Elementary School stood decades ago.  Below is back view, same house.

Davis St environs Bfd PA

Dead young squirrel, Davis St between Jackson and Walker Ave Bfd PA

Saturday, June 25, 2011

mountainside shadows

Top photo:  looks like a submerged skull, Tun'a Creek waterstream as seen near E Washington St bridge
Bottom photo:  stones and shadows

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

more than ten years after

Helter skelter in village of Degolia PA -- "detached dump truck trailer"

Olean Times Herald, 6-21-2011 page A-3:  'Headstones damaged in dump truck accident', datelined Bradford Township, PA, with photo of cemetery damage.

Similar story made available at, but gives Degolia Cemetery location as ' Custer City'.

still walking around, post Cattaraugus County NY

o  The Buffalo News dated 6/18/2011 presented front-page story 'HSBC looks to sell upstate branches' in two sections titled 'Historic ties date back to bank formed here in 1850' and '175 sites include 70 locally' with regard to "London-based HSBC Holdings"..."the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. bought a controlling interest in Marine Midland Bank in 1980...branches include Marine Midland roots..after its founding in 1850 as Marine Bank..."; "...HSBC has...its regional headquarters in Buffalo...Last month the global bank unveiled a thorough strategic review and restructuring...the largest bank in W New York...35% of the deposit market in the region... ."

The same call-demand influence-networking that orchestrated the HSBC takeover has also caused then tackled the corruption that closed Washington Mutual bank.

o  Again, if my eyes don't deceive me three young boys seen seated in a two-person stroller the early afternoon of 6/20/2011, getting some air near the Family Dollar store, then later seen again being pushed along Barbour Street.

o  AOL Chat last night in the 'Metaphysics' chatroom included input from a chatter who described a WWI era acquisition from a church in Germany as a shotgun/rifle combination with ornate carving.  Description leads to thoughts about its possible theft-status as a possible cause of WWII, with wonder whether a similar possible-theft caused WWI; and the possibility that music attributed to W NY goes to Hamburg, Germany, as a result from gun acquisition without return to Europe.

o  Disposable lighters continue to litter local streets within areas of questionable stability, a white one removed from Center Street sidewalk where somewhat dilapidated wooden houses stand, one such house that displays team affiliation items on the damaged porch, nearby an empty PET milk jug not far from the Choice gas station at corner W Washington Street here in Bradford PA.

[My 'disposable lighter' and 'wooden house' photos are not uploading  --  perhaps I am thought to have an Internet 'Photo Addiction'!  Will try again soon.]

Photos below, after five o'clock p.m. this date:  Wooden house addressed Center St behind Choice gas station premises; white disposable lighter removed from sidewalk Center St near W Washington St; and empty PET milk jug at damaged sidewalk corner, Center at State Sts in Bradford PA.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Case Still Open - Topix

Case Still Open - Topix

As reported/complained to FBI, a telephone call-demand influence-network has been pooling and using my [nonvoluntary] replies any way those wish -- every spelling, every meaning, every pronunciation, any usage.

The local Bradford Era dated 6/16/2011 has presented a page-three article titled, '$2,000 reward offered to find Warren man missing since 2002'.  Warren PA remains situated below the Kinzua Dam/Allegheny Reservoir hydroelectric project, at the western NY/PA state line.

Pitt-Bradford names advisory committee for Energy Institute - Topix

Pitt-Bradford names advisory committee for Energy Institute - Topix

The rare and tiny waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle found among local oil companies has been thought to be a drop of petroleum jelly.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Dead infant bird, Mechanic at W Wa Sts Bfd PA

Catt Co environs NY

Other dead bird Rte 60 Catt Co NY


Dead rabbit Rte 60 Catt Co NY

Catt Co NY sights

Dead blue bird W River Rd Catt Co NY

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cattaragus County NY environs

Dead goldfinch W River Rd Olean NY

Catt Co NY environs

Dead cardinal W River Rd Catt Co NY

sorry, guys

Above:  unlevel walkways entrance/exit at Orchard Place Apartments in west Bradford PA.
Below:  'booking'/folding dirt road above Winter Street and Prospect Avenue in Bradford PA, extends to/from N Bennett St Extension at Orchard Place (and the tall red-brick Orchard Apartments).

Below:  rusting shotgun shell, on 'booking'/folding dirt road that extends to/from N Bennett St Extension at Orchard Place

schedule change -- 'for me'?

Traveled to Olean NY yesterday in a Fullington bus (modern, clean, well-equipped) that stops in South Bradford PA,  meaning a long walk from Pleasant Street along South Avenue to the bus stop, to get an older-model vacuum-cleaner bag at a store addressed W State Street (following letter and telephone contacts).  Travel schedule stubs given/issued last year while making a seasonal walk to Degolia PA do not match the current bus schedule, and yet the bus departed at 10:15 a. m. as printed on one stub; Internet check at Fullington website showed schedule change departing Olean NY to return to Bradford PA as a half-hour difference from last year.

Browsed Olean NY W State St/ N Union St environs  --  making small purchases and a library visit, then Mexican take-out for the bus ride home.  Waited in Lincoln Park for the bus, since Fullington office is located in a small space within limo-service/car service-station business premises  --  then missed the bus departure by minutes.  Then, crossed nearby bridge on Union St to hike along W River Road  -- an enjoyable, warm and sunny walk after harsh wintertime conditions directly beside the guard-railed Allegheny River headwaters.  Walked to Allegany NY (Route 60), then cellphoned a taxi-cab service which carried me in a minivan into Bradford PA  (which also meant my short trip to Olean NY cost almost $70 total).  Some brown beer bottles and lengthy cigarette drops seen in Olean city and alongside W River Rd in Catt County.

More small dead birds, a dead rabbit and a dead skunk encountered alongside Route 60, dead birds on Route 19 westward just outside Allegany NY festival zone (including featherless infant in roadway in front of Creekside Chapel).

Below:  waterstream tree, Allegany NY bridge Cattauragus County NY

Dead deer seen during southward mini-van taxi ride on Route 219 just before Limestone NY, at designated 'Deer Crossing' sign (now a multi-lane residential bypass that ends/narrows into two-lane Degolia PA).

[OMG, lawn mower suddenly active around my Internet typing!]

Solomon's words for the wise: McKean County Site Featured In Pittsburgh Paper Today

Solomon's words for the wise: McKean County Site Featured In Pittsburgh Paper Today

Another 'Hooray for the Red White and Blue' themed write-up -- this article does not address our little archaeological site in Degolia PA, but rather continues descriptions of 'Machine Age' transportation tonnages in the region (and man do my pedestrian feet hurt since vehicle front-bumper license-plates no longer are the norm).

BradfordToday • View topic - Why do vehicles have bare front-bumpers in PA?

BradfordToday • View topic - Why do vehicles have bare front-bumpers in PA?

In the past, two license-plates per vehicle was de rigeur in the state of Pennsylvania -- one on the front and one on the back bumpers.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dirt roads above Winter St Bfd PA

Another masklike tree-bark, e powerhouse dirt road above Winter St Bfd PA

Tun'a Creek environs Bfd PA

Another dead fish, Tun'a Creek near E Wa St bridge Bfd PA

ISP environs Bfd PA

Dead skunk ISP Bfd PA

Callahan Park environs Bfd PA

Dead toad Callahan Park parking lot Bfd PA

Palatka man dies 6 days after dogs rip off arm »

Palatka man dies 6 days after dogs rip off arm »

An evil spell continues in FL.

Below:  poll entered at Custer City forum

it's happened again

Above:  swiveled sign on light-signal post, Davis at Main Streets near Hotel Holley in Bradford PA.

not quite a scam, but "they didn't want to do it"

Received an "IMPORTANT BULLETIN" in the mail from the United States Commemorative Gallery, "a private gallery not affiliated with the United States Government or any Government Entity"  --  my chance to get an Abraham Lincoln Golden Dollar, said to have "already dramatically increased in value by 295%".  The 'Presidential Golden Dollars' are the result from telephone call-demand influence-network using replies demanded through the telephone; because the PGDs were my idea apparently verified during other [nonvoluntary] poll activity, they now exist and I get a special price along with others who also thought those might/should be initiated.

However, it should be known that the value increases appear to be dictated, also as a result from call-demand m. o.,  and therefore are not serendipitous or any indication of the coin issue's actual 'want' factor  --  in other words, a value increase can be exact as a result from influence-networking among people who do not want themselves/loved ones to be injured/killed or disappeared.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BFD PA SIGHTS (calling Dada?)

Outside-in view, hole in window Bank St laundromat with neighborhood reflections Bfd PA


Small hole in window Bank St laundromat Bfd PA

words on your drug bottles, not in archaeological-survey manuscript

[Can't waste paper.]

other W Bradford sights, springtime 2011

Above:  cracked, broken stairsteps to empty lot, north side Jackson Ave; slightly slumped, cracked wall W Corydon St near Bushnell St; cracked, broken sidewalk alongside Jackson Ave north side;  'thing' in Bennett Brook at W Washington St bridge, also seen last year in same position; and foundation/'cement pond' construction site at corner ISP and Willard Ave, Habitat for Humanity sign down  --  all in Bradford PA.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

backtracks, June 10 and 11 2011

 Above:  capless sidewalk pipe-vent, Walker Avenue Bradford PA
Above:  street-sign Barbour at S Center Sts, right side up in Bradford PA