Tuesday, May 31, 2011

time to soak in the 80-degree F range

Another welcome, sunny day; went to soak in Bennett Brook across from Foursquare Gospel Church (Rev. Watson), amid plots of tiny blue and yellow flowers presided over by groundhogs, squirrels and chipmunks and their CO2 as their living post-hibernation artwork.  Sun-dead worms and and caterpillars lay on the sidewalks, a few living ones saveable with quick toss to grass or tree roots.  Removed dark-green plastic trash bag from brook stickpile, empty and algae-covered; scum floating on stickpile dammed water (similar in appearance to scum that floats on boiling water that contains certain food substances).  Also removed brown-glass Straub's beer bottle from open space alongside Interstate Parkway above Sullivan Road.  Plate-sized fungi growing on log in foliage between Sullivan Road and ISP, near clearly-defined small-animal trails (and VFD).

more not less stress on archaeological site -- voted or chosen from info pool?

[Map detail copyright 2007 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania]

Map detail shows Route 219 Overpass that extends from NY State environs to directly discharge multi-lane traffic flow through Degolia PA 'God's Little Acre' oracle-bead site.  Lettering highlighted in yellow marker shows 'new' Route 219 map nomenclature Buffalo-to-Pittsburgh Highway inked onto paper maps following continuous telephone call-demand strategies that pool and use words, phrases and sentenced elicited from non-voluntary contacts ('milking').

Note:  police-car cruisers and other city vehicles also lack front license-plates here within McKean County PA environs.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not marijuana, no front license-plates

At this time, gunshots within city limits.

Terminology piracy

Does 'Wupzey' recruitment cause toddler death?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

dusty trail no more -- McD TVT

Much like the pathways in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, now-asphalt McD TVT lets us know the UPB et al wish to play California teams.

Piggin.Net: Stemmata, Bibliography

Piggin.Net: Stemmata, Bibliography

As an anthropological term, stemmata can also refer to the "parallel lives" viewable within tiny mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle plus visible voice-strip struck within the waxy/gel composition that represents viewable primal alphabet struck with audible human voice.

The bibliography includes a Blair-credited document dated 1930; here in Bradford PA a Blair's Pharmacy was operational decades ago, now gone and replaced with a pet shop. As already reported to FBI and AIA, many of my own newly 'coined' words/terms, descriptive of oracle-bead artifact and phenomena, were elicited from me during telephone call-demand contacts and routed into the pharmacy profession where they can be found on drug labels (an action of questionable repute).

FW:Ready gun-pass motives, cultural

Months ago a regional TV segment broadcast small gun use against a stag, with other possible intent to pass that to destroy mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle.  The gun-passers seldom hit other things  --  however, the oracle-bead artifact is an organic creation made inert during forging process within nose and nasal cavities of its maker.

Below:  roadside rock, Hedgehog Lane in Bradford Township environs off Interstate Parkway.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

by their no-front-license-plate vehicles ye shall know them...

Gas-line digs are infrequent necessities within any locale, but here in Bradford PA an operational influence-network cult has been/is operational such that vehicles with no-front-license-plates attract unusual attention amongst all others, stressing streets and garage-areas that such drivers/owners frequent.  Past weblog post shows now-bendable large-size metal-conduit unearthed from Poplin Avenue environs near Callahan Park/BAHS parking lot entry/exitways, renovation work being done by workers whose trucks lack front license-plates.

Those cult populations also own PC terminal equipment such as scanners that can copy their one license-plate purchases each family does own, to make laminates applicable to vehicle front-bumpers, but nothing like that has been seen yet from them.

The Bradford PA area is also said to have a 'Senior Corps' membership, but such a membership without front-license-plates on their vehicles lacks credibility in terms of safety and overall spirit of the law (simple license-plate paperwork-wording form-change would/should have more clearly defined single-plate purchases).

o  Yesterday 5/25/2011:  Lengthy cigarette drop, roadside Lang Maid Lane near W Washington Street residences.  Post-winter seed-drop at vernal warm-waterpool (direct sunlight) area Crooker House Lane, where discarded clam shells were already visible below small bridge area near W Corydon St intersection.  Lost tooth somewhere in Langmaid Lane/Crooker House area, where tractor lawn-mowers were busily deployed.  Short spattering of icy hailstones (about the size of candy gumballs) around 11:00 p.m. during sudden thunderstorm rainfall signaled with thunder and lightning that approached from afar.

Missing link

The website Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings at www.archosaurmusings.wordpress.com has presented specimen discovery descriptions without any mention of 'missing link' oracle-bead chronicle (itself a waxy/gel artifact)  discrete memory-image content as the source of their 'tip' that gave direction to the discovery.  That the website title itself is traceable to a telephone call-demand method makes its use somewhat hazardous in terms of bookmaking organized-crime, as addition to the fact that 'tip' originates from an influence-network 'pool' that is also non-cognizant about the realities (e.g., other-species linkages) of mucousal-artifact oracle-bead existence.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

W Bfd environs PA

Dead young birds removed from sidewalk Pleasant at N Bennett Sts Bfd PA

Smashed salamander from Lang Maid Lane roadway Bfd PA

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

unexpected sights

o  Three dead baby birds on sidewalk corner N Bennett and Pleasant Sts, near hospital (BRMC).

o  One carpet remnant in Bennett Brook again, other yet on downslope, in Callahan Park.

o  Intermittant flame visible above far Perkins billboard sign, while looking toward ARG from TOPS market east entry/exitway.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Warm and comfortable!

o  Walked through Callahan Park to leave green maple seeds alongside Bennett Brook, gathered from Abbott Lane roadway, plus tiny green blossoms from maple trees near Pleasant Street home, swept from the driveway and left near park bridges.  One of the two carpet remnants is currently on its way downslope toward brook and may yet again enter waterstream from position beside asphalt walkway.

o  Poplin Avenue roadwork continues.  Weathered 'The Marsh' tavern renovations and repair in progress, at corner Interstate Parkway and W Washington Street.  Tun'a Creek muddy, rushing through city after yesterday's thunderstorm.  Work-in-progress to renovate Kennedy Street bridge underway.

o  Pleasant Street address across from School Street Elementary School now sports piles of new regular-size concrete blocks and regular-size red bricks ready to be assembled where uber-large concrete-blocks are now stacked in front of house.  Various pens and pencils seen lying around the city environs.

Foxconn Technology Group

Foxconn Technology Group

To whom It May Concern: Foxconn.com Milestones end with year 2007 at website.

DDT - BAHS Class of 1971 reunion plans

Department of Dirty Tricks:  Recent Bradford Era local newspaper articles described meeting plans of the BAHS Class of 1971 scheduled within local restaurant facilities, to put together an agenda for the 40th Class Reunion.

As a tenant in San Francisco, CA, during past decades, two past-reunion invitations to two past-reunion events were both received from the same Bradford PA city couple, whereas each previous BAHS Class Reunion was the given assignment for a different couple each different scheduled reunion (usually every ten years).  Should I have given reason to enter past  Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes series as possible winnings use to schedule one of the BAHS Class Reunions in historic San Francisco CA (where a Bradford Street is mapped)?  --  maybe not.

The website www.bradfordpa.com gives more information about the City of Bradford PA, but don't be fooled  --  the idyllic setting description omits the fact that valley floor Tun'a Creek's unusual northward waterflow is anything but the usual hometown circumstance.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Smartest Bacteria on Earth: Scientific American

The Smartest Bacteria on Earth: Scientific American

Small/microscopic creatures can absorb a lot of ancient/antique information nearby a mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle visible at ground-level between limestone-structure 'safe cover' base and ground.

Other article presented in June 2011 Scientific American issue is titled, 'Inside the Meat Lab', "...The first step: grab a petri dish..." -- such dishes about the size of a cat fetus.

Friday, May 20, 2011

more by-mail wonders

 Removed doll's head from Pleasant Street sidewalk today, during return from BAPL.

Received this magazine renewal notice, standard letter-paper, inexplicably contained in DO NOT BEND envelope.

Left found wallet at BCPD (the police department) since neither of two City Hall buildings has a Lost-and-Found office.

AWOL - The Ancient World Online: Formal Launch of CLAROS

AWOL - The Ancient World Online: Formal Launch of CLAROS

...an "amalgam" of resources.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

cloudy then intermittant sunshine

Walked directly to BAPL today to read today's newspaper.  Hiked up Interstate Parkway, where Habitat for Humanity sign is again down near house-foundation yet containing some puddled water, corner Willard Avenue and ISP.  Walked through Callahan Park to Boss Avenue, then alongside Sullivan Road; picked up small stones for plant-pots beside Bennett Brook across from church, where blue tarp and black PVC sheet were tangled in waterstream sticks/wood, and black-and-tan cloth-rag overhangs water from streamside branch.

Returned to Bradford city alongside ISP from Sullivan Road (north end); gray underwear in roadside berm near 348 ISP, found muddy black wallet on drainage pipe at 334 Interstate Parkway address (see above) east side.  Crows were sounding continuously above 'Blooming Acres' horse stables.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The World According to Mount Jewett...

Gates: Somebody in Pakistan knew about bin Laden - Topix

or, Not Gary's Porch. A family, historically bricklayers, has acquired a house across the street from this Pleasant Street home that has a brick porch as a conscious and continuous preservation effort. As Hounds and Hunting magazine leaves the Bradford PA area to relocate to IN, rest assured that neither Abrams nor Morris has destroyed a mucousal-artifact limestone 'safe cover', where neither brick nor metal nor stone fencing has been erected around rare and tiny waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle archaeological site.

New form of girl's best friend is lighter than ever

New form of girl's best friend is lighter than ever

Mucousal-artifact oracle-bead site descriptions demanded from me have been pooled and used as influence-network contribution to a research effort which has generated "diamond aerogels". The waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle in its placement, beneath limestone 'safe cover' in space between base and ground, contains memory-images of worldwide intact diamond deposits before they were ever mined.

my mucousal-artifact oracle-bead site replies used in telephone call-demand script

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

genuinely warm weather, past week

Walked again to BAPL today through Callahan Park.  Made photo of sloped former dirt road - become - gully - now - fissurelike space at west end Prospect Avenue and Abbot Lane/ N Bennett Street; removed nearby green-glass wine bottle (no label) embedded in soil below row planted shrubs, and placed in park trash can.  Removed other carpet-remnant piece from Bennett Brook.  Saw another green-glass wine bottle (label intact) in Bennett Brook below W Washington Street bridge north side.

Have to wonder  --  when the mountainside/top dirt roads cave in the middle, becoming gullies that close up altogether book-style, meaning the loss of an actual road, does the possibility/probability of volcanic eruption increase?


Decided to hike today in drizzling rain (neighbors removing their contingency carport)  --  W Washington Street to Lang Maid Lane to Crooker House Lane to W Corydon Street to Clark Lane to McDowell Tun'a Valley Trail to Onofrio Street, then homeward.

Skeletal bones/remains of skunk visible south side W Washington Street between Poplin and Wagner Avenues.  Blue undershorts remain where seen previously, as well as a sock and grey undershorts same side W Washington Street, moving toward UPB; grey glove on berm between Wagner and Nelson Avenues.  Hubcap same side roadway near Gates Hollow intersection; snuff can on asphalt roadway-side (white line) near waterstream between Gates Hollow road and Waldo Avenue.  Red disposable lighter-part and berm-embedded green lighter same side W Washington Street at cemetery roadway curve.

A nice walk/hike although wet, making photos of views toward Degolia PA from Langmaid and Crooker House Lanes; two ponds are full, one on each side Crooker House Lane.  A volunteer fireman stopped in his truck to inquire about my identity.  Many sizes of waterstreams pour northward from W Corydon Street hillside, flowing underneath the roadway to merge into larger West Branch of the Tun'a Creek that continues northward into New York State.

Tadpoles and frogs evident alongside McDowell TVT.  Dogs barked at me whereever I walked with my dreadmatted hair, some baying as if anticipating some gun-backed hunting-to-come.

Monday, May 16, 2011

droplets, cool early afternoon

o  Walked to BAPL today, with brief pass through Callahan Park, where workers could be seen in the rain on Poplin Avenue; had to backtrack on W Washington Street to plaza mailbox (a composter ad-response -- should have one).

o  Half-round hairbrush on sidewalk middle alongside W Washington Street at BAPL.  Flashback to YWCA dance decades ago, where younger girl handed me her comb for no reason, on the gymnasium/dance-floor.

o  Back to La Musique et le Ballet, chapter titled 'Ballet et Musique Pure':  "...nous continuons nos genuflexions inutiles...nous faire souffrir au bon endroit et que la dalle soit froide ou poser nos genoux.  [P] La prosternation est venue du plus haut, de ceux-la meme qui s'etaient fait fonction de bruler les idoles...c'est la suject d'archeologie, ou presque... .  ..."Il faut sauver les corps", a-t-elle dit, deguisee dans la voix de la revolte.  ...".  The French and/or their students may not know it, but nos can be interpreted as 'nose' throughout with regard to mucousal-artifact oracle-bead.

That is useless to simply sight and look at the mucousal-artifct oracle-bead 'ball' from above and/or near it, as if it is an idol, is implied, although often cold from weather or safe-cover shadow; it is archaeological, where nearby, and contains memory-images of historical workers preserved within waxy/gel substance with overvoice  --  both accessed with indirect vibration of the rare and tiny oracle-bead chronicle, activity that nanoscience might emulate electrically in the future.  In the same chapter, use of the word balbutiante that means 'babble', as allusion to oracle-bead voice-strip that holds the voice of its maker (and also to some  extent refers to oracle-bead as a sort of thought-to-be bauble, seen and found on the ground beneath limestone 'safe cover' as if its value is little).

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nanomachines Powered by Light: Scientific American

Nanomachines Powered by Light: Scientific American

This article describes nanotech light-source as a way to vibrate "a tiny mechanical object" -- however, the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle is NOT a mechanical object, it is made from mucous forged in the nose and nasal cavities of its maker, that must be very carefully vibrated externally so as to view the content-imagery coiled as a strand within it.

works like a charm

Following fetal-cat expulsion  --  a white one  --  this ad/notice has come to the mailbox here on Pleasant Street soon thereafter within cellophane-covered packet of various ad/notices:

[not advertised here]

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Porn Stash? Pornography Discovered At Compound: Report

Osama Bin Laden Porn Stash? Pornography Discovered At Compound: Report

During telephone demand-call received in San Francisco, CA, my reply included the fact of 'parallel lives' type content-imagery viewable within tiny mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle, some of it sexual activity engaged within different regions of the globe; my reply was used to 'recruit' and direct specific ethnicities into pornography film-making within those peninsula environs.

that the rare and tiny oracle-bead is thought to be a detritus-embedded egg

[Sorry, that's "the rare and tiny".]  The illogic of non-archaeological-survey and the illogical consequences of simple bypass observations have predominated with regard to mucousal-artifact site in McKean County PA, even (or especially!?) after UPB campus installation/initiation.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Yesterday:  Walked directly to BAPL  --  lengthy cigarette in newly-renovated planter space in front of the library.  Multitude of small (>one inch) dead worms still scattered on front sidewalk W Washington Street (not rescueable,).

Today:  Other worms rescueable in Callahan Park yesterday and today. Sunned on a folded sheet in the park, where someone immediately started up a weed-whacker, after a morning tolerating a backyard weed-whacker (the gas-powered kind, very noisy and potentially volatile).  Birds sang, chipmunk chirped when it was quiet.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Beading in Kenya" - Topix

"Beading in Kenya" - Topix

Members of the Kenyon family here in Bradford PA might sometime be willing to witness mucousal-artifact found in nearby village of Degolia PA (or might not).

High energy X-ray powder diffraction for the imaging of (hidden) paintings - Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (RSC Publishing)

High energy X-ray powder diffraction for the imaging of (hidden) paintings - Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (RSC Publishing)

Beliefs that the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle, in its placement beneath 'safe cover' limestone roadside-rest/monument structure, is 'attractive' because embedded with detritus might cause the technological focus described to be directed toward rare and tiny waxy/gel historical record visible between base and ground.

One author named is Wout De Nolf.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Christian Choate, Boy Found Buried In Concrete Died While Locked In A Cage, Sister Says

Christian Choate, Boy Found Buried In Concrete Died While Locked In A Cage, Sister Says

Results from telephone call-demand strategies operative in this state-line Bradford PA region and others can include scenarios such as the one described, whereas demanded replies should be used to consider some form of 'protection' near a small archaeological site found a few miles outside this city that should not (rather than 'Knott') include concrete packed around base of mucousal-artifact limestone-structure 'safe cover', nor a boy sent in as funerary-designation janitor or collector, nor caged dogs/other animals set at ceremonial site (now altered). Note: the locally-published magazine Hounds and Hunting has been suddenly relocated elsewhere.

LocalNet - Detained artist Ai Weiwei's exhibits in UK

LocalNet - Detained artist Ai Weiwei's exhibits in UK

Artist disappeared following Sawyer visit to China, when/where a locally-operative call-demand influence-network building was reported as burned.

The Open Source Paleontologist: Life After Death At Yellowstone: An Interview with Josh Miller

The Open Source Paleontologist: Life After Death At Yellowstone: An Interview with Josh Miller

Thanks for this, that also alludes to the University of Pittsburgh in PA non-local campuses installation and initiation (that to some extent support its city-place sandstone 'Cathedral of Learning') and to skeletal remains found months ago in the Allegheny Reservoir near Onoville NY not far from UPB campus across the 'state line'.

Ancient World Bloggers Group (AWBG): Call for papers: UK Archaeological Sciences 2011 meeting (short deadline)

Ancient World Bloggers Group (AWBG): Call for papers: UK Archaeological Sciences 2011 meeting (short deadline)

Bradford PA here is very close to the New York State 'line'.

a history of suspicions confirmed

The deaths of 'King' family members during recent decades might also be traced to contacts who stoke poliomyelitis fears; here in Bradford PA a cluster of poliomyelitis infections in the 1960s occurred near 'George' surname home addressed School Street.  UPB campus installation and initiation has been coincidental with housing fires in the same area west from Mechanic Street  --  an entire block of housing was consumed behind UPB Hamsher House premises, including George family home, now converted to asphalt hospital (BRMC) parking lot, local news sources have reported.   The use of the Italian-attributed term 'paparazzi' is also traceable to poliomyelitis fears stoked as the activity of a telephone call-demand influence-network.

Also, sympathy for my lone Blogger.com weblog 'Follower', one of whose relative surnames was found dead "down by the riverside" in CA.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LocalNet.com -- 'Tripoli sites bombed, rebels claim Misrata gains' - Topix

LocalNet.com -- 'Tripoli sites bombed, rebels claim Misrata gains' - Topix

Oh wow, and I'm the crazy AOL chatter.

another one, closer to home

Above comment posted this morning at Topix Allegany NY forum entry titled, 'Carol Fitzmaurice, murdered in Allegany 1970, unsolved?'.  There was/is indeed a stick outside this Pleasant Street back-door on the steps.  Plus, I have air-flow from outside windows/sliding-glass-door during what should be nighttime sleep-time, not especially to communicate all my thoughts and feelings to those in housing around me (i.e. one 'Ski Wing murders' entry suddenly gone from Topix forum this morning but now there again this afternoon).

Monday, May 9, 2011

Keller Medical of Stuart gets OK to sell breast implant device to EU » TCPalm.com

Keller Medical of Stuart gets OK to sell breast implant device to EU » TCPalm.com

Weird, and somewhat mentally cruel with regard to limited European territory. Plus, the Kellers should know about the waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle found in Degolia PA, rather than so blatantly dip into the cancer-cure pot-o'-funds.

another odd one, but how?

Not my e-mail address, but there it appears in the e-mailbox anyway.

Also, I too have been named as a Facebook Friend, but cannot access any info about the person who did that without becoming Facebook member.

Sunny breezy afternoon  --  pulled a small piece of colorful carpet out from Bennett Brook but left its mate in the water.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

it's Mothers Day

o  Walked downtown to market.  Pleasant Street southside sidewalk between N Center and Summer Streets showed two upwellings of tiny red ants swarming at ground-side cracks.  Small featherless baby bird lying on sidewalk many blocks away, near Main and Davis Streets intersection.

o  New, lengthy crack in sidewalk north side Jackson Avenue near the Salvation Army, also near The Learning Center school following their annual yard sale across the street.  Yellow-painted bar highly visible in Tun'a Creek underwater at Davis Street bridge, about three feet long and exactly perpendicular to southeast waterline.

from here to there

The www.1490newsblog.blogspot website presents entry titled, 'Pitt-Bradford Offers Camps from Science to Swimming', "...Advanced Swimming classes with Pitt-Bradford head swimming coach Ed Bahan.  The classes are open to swimmers age eight and older with at least two years of competitive swim experience.  ..."  Has UPB 'competed' to find Osama bin Laden overseas and take possession of his body "dead or alive", whether living when found or not?  That 'competition' is a key activity at UPB has never been publicly disclosed.

The mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle found in village nearby Bradford PA contains world-wide historical content-imagery that shows both phenotype and genotype of people and animals, as well as the chemistry of places, atmospheres and things  --  numbering among those 'Eurasian male' oracle-bead-image 'released' with co-worker from Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development in San Francisco, CA, in the late 1970s.  A 'Eurasian male' was subsequently routed into those peninsula environs as a public worker, probably relative to the overseas accused  --  the same influence-networking that set up the 9/11 photo-shoot in NYC, as a use of telephone call-demand strategies.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Rocking Horse Realty sign down on grass yesterday on Pleasant Street here in Bradford PA, between N Center and N Bennett Streets; business name in same influence-network category as 'The Flame' tavern (burned decades ago) and the 'Gunslinger Saloon' (also burned within recent past decade, without repair).  The realty is addressed from Smethport PA, where the 'new' FBI office is/was addressed.  Below:  influence-network realty sign near Bradford Regional Medical Center.

New maps piled at BAPL show McKean County and Bradford PA environs, some nomenclature changed as is usual action of influence-networking (i.e. 'private' without any public vote or referendum).

Friday, May 6, 2011

Podophyllum peltatum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Podophyllum peltatum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The mayapple is described within www.en.wikipedia.org as "widespread and appears in clonal colonies in open mesic woodlands...". Just exactly why the mayapple grows where it does is relative to the McKean County PA mucousal-artifact oracle-bead site, where the memory-image of a baby-palm-tree appears as a 'speck' at the surface of the oracle-bead chronicle in its placement beneath limestone roadside-rest/monument base and ground.  Mayapples have also been seen alongside Niles Hollow Road between Custer City and Marshburg in northwestern Pennsylvania, as example.

The Bradford Era dated 5/4/2011 presents, 'Eldred native on bin Laden burial ship', a front-page story. Eldred Township in McKean County PA is situated east from Bradford PA and also east from Degolia PA where the mucousal-artifact site was discovered decades ago, said archaeological site consisting in part of a tiny waxy/gel history-bead filled with numerous and worldwide palm-tree memory-images that were subsequently mentally 'absorbed' within certain social situations. The U. S. Navy member was "...1995 graduate of Otto-Eldred High School...", 'Otto' being another township east from Bradford as is Oster Township.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

making it gunky...

o  Again today, dirt roads above Winter Street are puddled but not flooded or streaming.  Mountaintop oil-well equipment environs remains as placed or moved, most rusting unless painted or gunky.  Dirt road that extends westward directly beside (inches) power-house showed puddle-tracks that match those seen in the past near Jewish cemetery at end Willard Avenue; that dirt road also extends past city-reservoir scheduled to be renovated this summer, according to local media, and has sunken in the middle where it intersects with Orchard Place asphalt roadway, becoming a gully where brick apartment-building can be seen downslope among private homes.  Dirt roads that extend eastward, upslope from Winter Street, are a springtime wonderland of budding blackberry vines and some mayapples (that resemble palm-tree shape); one green-painted oil-well-rig is quite noisy although technically not active (sounds like a running toilet) while other smaller rigs feature rainwater pooled within their square bases and ground-surface gunk.  The entire Winter Street area and environs above it smell noticeably of petroleum/gas, whenever.  Small birds accompanied the walk, following household after-winter seed-dump.

o  Left mountainside oil-well environs via Sanford Street and walked to BAPL.  Again, French-language La Musique et la Ballet presents more allusions to mucousal-artifact oracle-bead existence within entry titled, Reflexions sur le Ballet et la Musique by Raymond LePoutre:  "...Je crois le pessisme une position non moins difficile que l'optimisme aussi n'est-ce pas a une condamnation de notre etat que je vise...De la lutte de ce qui est moribond sous nos yeux et de ce qui poit naitre est fait notre temps...je ne veux pas evoquer les rites que des negres la-bas...(p. 26)...a ma premiere simplicite j'en veux ajouter une seconde la ressemblance de nos ballets avec notre public  --  do tous nos ballets...(p. 29)...".  "Notre public" can be surmised to be the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead visible in its placement beneath human-made limestone roadside-rest structure (different from, say, the Castillian Springs in Greece  --  a progressive step forward from apedom to human-life-as-we-know-it-today) that resembles fundamentally all mucous nose-balls.

o  Remembered trash-strewn steep grassy/stony slopes below West Corydon Street and lone yet- trashy downslope area at Eagle Club property addressed E Main Street and must wonder:  can firefighter hoses send all that trash downward to waterstream trails and parking lot where it can be easily bagged?

just so we all know

Below originally entered at www.topix.net, 'Business' section:
Between 8:40 and 8:45 a. m. this date, loud horn-type car-alarm sounding here in Pleasant Street area in Bradford PA  --  evidence of in-sect activity?

Solomon's words for the wise: Woman Harassed At Coudersport Library

Solomon's words for the wise: Woman Harassed At Coudersport Library

Such a coincidence -- was 'absorbed' but not trampled by an individual at BAPL recently, while walking out from the 'periodicals' section toward the front doors; resistance would have meant pummeling the individual. As I began bending backward while trying to walk around the entree, one front tooth dangled then I was 'allowed' past. Are we all pre-prayer-posed while awaiting the National Day of Prayer? I think not...

Which also brings us back to 'One Book Bradford Louise Penny Wows the Crowd' at www.1490newsblog.blogspot.com, another local weblog, where we see the results from local bookmaking influence-networking in action (whereas a regional middle-aged woman first-name 'Penny' made subject of the same call-demand influence-networking died months ago as a regional judge)...

Which brings us to the fact that many people (not yet formally tabulated) do not name their own weblogs or books, but rather accept titles for use as the result from the same call-demand influence-networking. Tally-ho, anyone?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pennsylvania Approves Six-Month Porcupine Hunting Season

Pennsylvania Approves Six-Month Porcupine Hunting Season

Zippo Manufacturing has expanded its holdings in northeastern United States -- more and more diverse lighters in the hands of the teaming multitudes, any one of which might be directed in to destroy and rare and tiny mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle visible beneath a limestone roadside-rest/monument. Ditto now with regard to porcupine quills, written up in multiple books during past decades as art materials, that might also be wrongfully used to destroy a rare and tiny northwestern PA artifact.

Monday, May 2, 2011

damp cool and rainy

Unloaded aged Producers Bank canvas bag at bank premises addressed E Main Street, where a clearly-lettered 'Constable' car was parked in that driveway, said car driver witnessing to some small extent the transfer from backpack.  Rained continuously all day during walk from Pleasant Street to U. S. Post Office addressed Boylston Street here in Bradford PA; backtracked to Forman Street and pulled TOPS shopping cart from a front-yard to the market, together with two bags of trash that were transferred to the market's trash can.  Continued to E Main at Main Streets intersection, where workers are remodeling the former Bradford Hotel to become a sports bar.  Walked to the bank near Foster Brook area via E Main Street to Mill Street to Homestead Avenue (where no street-sign is lying on the ground near its pole, but rather litter, and a close look shows that the sign may have been ripped off) to Euclid Avenue (that has no sidewalks between Kendall Avenue and E Main Street), then again to E Main near Melvin Avenue.

Reversed route to return to Main Street area; saw half small blue bird's egg lying at corner Miller and Davis Streets beside Tun'a Creek.  Earthworms are now quite active in the locale since the topsoil is no longer frozen, emerging to slide themselves onto sidewalks especially during the rain.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

No BuffNews! Duh!

Walked around this afternoon in drizzling rain trying to find a Sunday edition Buffalo News (from NY state), didn't find one in five different places.

Went Pleasant Street to N Center Street to Barbour Street to Main Street to Davis Street to W Washington Street then back to N Center and Pleasant Streets; saw one shattered brown-glass beer bottle.  Another intact brown-glass Coors (R) bottle at corner N Bennett and Pleasant Streets, with plastic cup; work continues at Habitat for Humanity site, large sign/notice restored to upright position after rainstorm winds.  Styrofoam food container now at other side fenced area Pleasant Street after rainstorm winds; shorts again in roadway mud following winds that 'brought them down' from chain-link fence.

Libya Kadafi son: NATO strike kills Kadafi son, Libyan official says - latimes.com

Libya Kadafi son: NATO strike kills Kadafi son, Libyan official says - latimes.com

A 'caddy-cart' might be wrongfully used to push/knock-over limestone roadside-rest/monument 'safe cover' beneath which a mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle has been found during past decade, as stated during past telephone demand-call contact.

A few months more than a year ago, e-mailed my sister in Lancaster PA from a moving vehicle about rows of  'caddy-carts' standing in freezing rain without cover-structure just inside northern VA state-line.