Saturday, April 30, 2011

walk along Williams Street

Walked from Pleasant Street home to Kendall Avenue and back yesterday; condom on sidewalk not far from doll's head alongside Pleasant Street between N Bennett and N Center Streets.  Route included Pleasant Street to Jackson Avenue at Kennedy Street; Kennedy Street at Williams Street, then along Williams to Mill Street; Mill Street to Homestead Avenue, where that intersection metal street-sign was lying in the grass beside the metal pole; Homestead Avenue to Euclid Avenue, thence to Kendall Avenue.

It was definitely cool with mist-like rain and some large raindrops.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Found in a box - Topix

Found in a box - Topix

...within San Francisco CA city-limits where northeast USA multitudes have found a 'special' palm-tree growing in Golden Gate Park, following mental-transmission of baby-palm-tree memory-image within Bradford PA social-settings from mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle visible as discovered beneath limestone roadside-rest/monument a few miles outside Bradford PA.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

sunny and cool

Poplin Avenue roadwork was progressing this afternoon -- walked through Callahan Park and out through same entry/exit place at Brook Street, then to Interstate Parkway that ends at W Washington Street where BAPL can be found.  A small metal-drum trash-container was lying in Bennett Brook at the west waterline, near the bridge that leads to ball-game fields; others remained upright during past week's windy weather.  A Habitat for Humanity house has been initiated at the corner of Willard Avenue and Interstate Parkway, its cement-block foundation currently holding pooled rainwater.

Happy to see a crow in the park environs area  --  they do sound out numbers, such as busline numerals.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

scientific americans

The May 2011 issue of Scientific American received is chock-full of allusions to the mucousal-artifact oracular influence, from its placement beneath limestone roadside-rest/monument 'safe cover' within northwestern PA mountain range.

Page Nine is a full-page blurb for BioTechCorp SA that touts plant-growing [i.e. sitting around and just breathing is okay]; the "National Biotechnology Policy (NBP) established in 2005...long-term (15-year) strategy to develop and profile Malaysia as a global biotech hub..."; "A core element in NBP is the BioNexus Bill of Guarantee.  Qualified investors are assured of freedom of ownership, freedom to source funds globally, and the freedom to bring in workers with the appropriate skill sets.  The bill also guarantees strong intellectual property regime, access to shared laboratories, and BiotechCorp as a one-stop agency.  BioNexus companies also receive attractive tax incentives..."; and "With the infrastructure in place, support from Government and participation of global players, biotechnology is a brewing business in Malaysia."  All such statements have used my replies describing northwest PA oracle-bead site demanded from me then pooled, and no formal archaeological survey/investigation plan has yet been initiated using those replies.  Elsewhere throughout the magazine issue, ad/notices such as Bright Horizons and Creating Climate Wealth also use my replies demanded from me with regard to mucousal-artifact site, in business-scheme formats.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

warm at last!

o  Walked to BAPL through Callahan Park via Poplin Avenue (work suspended amid raindrops, that fell sporadically throughout the day) and W Washington Street.  Took more notes from Bradford Era (e.g., issue dated 4/26/2011, p. 4, 'Another Era', "...100 years ago, A. W. Eygabroat of Bradford caught a trout near Cornplanter on the Reservation that measured over 18 inches and weighed three pounds, and nothing like it in the matter of size has been caught in these parts."  Also took notes from La Musique et La Ballet, e.g. "...Bizet et George Balanchine dans Le Palais de Cristal s'exaltent et se magnifient et choreographe et musicienne trouvent sur le meme plan de grandeur.  ..."  [Even one discrete mucousal-artifact oracle-bead image mentally circulated  --  say, an ancient palace memory-image  --  has a definite multi-species linkage effect.]

o  Walked to Barbour at Mechanic Streets from BAPL to move on foot toward McDowell Tuna Valley Trail  --  a roundabout not a direct route (because - if my eyes didn't deceive me - a young man appeared to be holding/carrying a bundle  in one arm while cycling on a so-called 'banana bike', moving in a westward direction alongside W Washington Street); rusting metal 'hook' on sidewalk at Barbour St bridge (removed to railing area).

McDowell TVT begins at Onofrio Street and Campus Drive between waterstream  and UPB campus, extending to/from Bradford Township PA environs.  Temperatures were in the 80-degrees F range, which meant a lot of children and caretakers out and about.

Walked the McDowell TVT to Clarks Lane among other spring-loving runners/walkers.  West branch Tun'a Creek waterstream is tamed with wooden pole reinforcements resembling electrical-line poles.  Gathering of wasps at their burrows (above) near a small water-conduit  --  one of many other small waterflows into main waterstream  --  near campus/dorm basketball hoops.  Each TVT bridge constructed over brooks, rivulets and vernal depressions has a donor name, as do small polished-stone benches.

o  Moved from Clarks Lane to nearby W Corydon Street intersection, then walked the northside roadway berm to Bushnell Street near Zippo Manufacturing premises.  What appeared to be a riding-lawnmower (an ATV) seen overturned on embankment below W Corydon Street roadway, between Clark and Dorothy Lanes.  

Roadside trash was sparse, consisting mostly of plastic bottles; picked up a load of glass bottles, those mostly brown-beer containers in addition to one wine bottle (flashback to San Francisco CA, where discarding wine bottles was someone's habit), some Snapples (R), a Lipton (R) and numerous shards  --  all carried to Pleasant Street home trash receptacle in backpack and grocery bag.  ['Calls Received' in Tracfone dates this as 3/19/01, with 'Private Call' received 3:03 pm while I was standing near guard trails at steep, direct drop from W Corydon St to w branch Tun'a Creek waterstream while workers on other side of hillside street  repaired a house.  All the RC entries show '01' and '00' year dates.]

No burlap bag was seen again.  Made some roadside photos (above), including exposures at an obvious dumping area where things such a broken park-bench and some water-heaters were lying around on the ground (metal baseball-bat lying on said water-heaters).  Found two mystery CDs (blank).  Hazardous drainage grate northside W Corydon St remains a watch-your-step avoidance situation.  Shoes seen near UPB sign may be an intentional drop; sidewalk deterioration shown along south slope W Corydon Street near Bushnell Street.

o  Small and warbling bird from CA is here now.  Applied Carmex (R) twice during overall hike; lost no teeth.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter holiday musings

This Easter the local Bradford  PA city population has something different to see and think about  --  a cat-fetus nearly the size and shape of a turkey-gizzard is buried behind the garage, secured in a brand-new bandana enclosed within a waxed-paper cereal bag with a handful of styrofoam peanuts added as deterrent.  Blood-spatters remain just outside sliding-glass door where convalescing young cat again escaped intent to use as food in the neighborhood, but losing fetus prematurely expelled.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

effects of oracle-bead memory-images person-to-person trace

Above comment entered at Allegany NY forum this date.  Person-to-person call-demand strategy/efforts to trace mentally-circulating oracle-bead historical content-imagery has been debilitating within all populations where operational, and has included possibility of sudden mucousal-artifact destruction rather than formal archaeological survey.

o  Yesterday: wet and rainy walk through Hanley Park, where a number of objects were seen in Tun'a Creek waterstream near Davis Street such as heavy-metal grill/barrier returned to water (slightly rusted), large cable-wire spool and black-and-yellow 'caution' bar-type sign in waterflow as well.  Net-like fencing supplementing metal streamside railing also pulled/bent back in some places.  Large heavy-duty dumpster-box sitting alongside Hull Electric Company on path extending from Kennedy Street into the park.

Friday, April 22, 2011

1490 NewsBlog: Fracking Fluid Spilled Near Towanda

1490 NewsBlog: Fracking Fluid Spilled Near Towanda

Nitroglycerin deposits have been removed, according to historical documents, but oil-well blasts-from-the-past remain a concern.

Preview, comment submitted to 1490NewsBlog article (need new color-ink cartridge).


Perhaps a special fund apart from all others should be initiated to generate 'internally-handicapped' tags, and yes some populations residing in McKean County PA also have homes in Colorado.

The doll's head at one time lying in Pleasant Street roadway is now dirty, lying on sidewalk, following winter snowplow activity.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

influence-networking, terms-in-use

Inventive uses of other people's names have in the past and in the present time included 'Bell' surname use; as described during telephone demand-call contact, 'bell-sounds' can be heard within tiny waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle.  "Phone tree" term should be used concurrent with 'archaeological survey' terminology.

Above comment is also posted at Olean NY forum entry titled, 'Ski Resort Double Murder-1978'.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

timing, timing!

Family sit-down PC-terminal use is so easy that it has been awhile since refurbished Panasonic Toughbook (R) has been approached after receipt a few years ago.  First use has been to enter Chinese-associated Besta photos without precise directions that enable transfer/save to CD using external CD-drive attachment.  Went crying to Panasonic website after 'Add/Remove Programs' search turned up 'connect to another PC' window that wouldn't close  --  using 'restart' occasioned a loud and continuous alarm from the laptop only stopped with  complete disconnection and battery removal!

Some within hearing distance, both inside and outside, perhaps blamed household-sheltered cat which afterward miscarried and expelled a fetus.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

cold, rainy but no snow

Lengthy cigarette on asphalt beside curb at corner N Bennett Street and Abbott Lane.  Picked up some red berries and red-buds from sidewalk to toss between rocks alongside Bennett Brook in Callahan Park.  Work scheduled today along Poplin Avenue was cancelled; below, new parts and discoveries.

More from La Musique et la Ballet:  "...danser dans une mesure large devait etre semblable a l'ombre phantasmique dans laquelle comparaison, on comprehend plus de choses, que l'on ne saurit dire...l'origine du ballet, qui n'a pas ete cree pour amuser des courtisans or des oisifs, mais pour des necessites esthetiques pareilles a celles qui ont determine l'evolution musicale...reunis dans un ensemble danse, avec un vocabulaire de pas et d'attidues...un art de creation autonome...(p20)...les origines du ballet ne sont donc mimiques, expressionnistes or dramatiques, mais musicales au premier chef...(p21)...Nous trouvons soit sous forme danse se presente sous les aspects les plus divers...Le combat (p22) d'Apollon avec le Python...etait danse en cinq reprises...Cette reconstruction devrait etre cependant realisee sans adaptation avoune, dans son caractere integral, avec les pas et la technique de l'epoque...(p23)...".  Hip-hop near the limestone roadside-rest is the first step toward an oracle-bead consultation.

Following the use of my last $1.00 to purchase a cabbage at downtown 'Bradford Plaza', returned to Pleasant Street via Miller, Kennedy and Jackson roadways; a residential slumped brick wall west from 'heinous house' has been replaced with not-so-quaint concrete blocks about 6' x 2' x 1' each.

comments to most, rants to some

Years ago entries, Bradford PA forum,  have included:

o  Poll:  UPB really staging area to collect/distribute info?
 Comment this date:
 o  Discussion:  The Secret Set  --  Hannon in Africa
Comment this date:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Historic sites in South hit by floods

Historic sites in South hit by floods

This one describes sites in South Thailand -- remember media reports when flooding in Mexico City helped reveal buried pyramids? Oracle-bead memory-images can be mental 'fasteners' that cause all kinds of calamities.

blank stare

o  The e-mail service tells us 4-14-2011 that "...Everyday over 130 adults and children are added to the nation's organ transplant waiting list..." within its most recent ALZM penny-stock listing.

o  The first metal-plaque gravesite memorial was installed very nearby (inches!) the limestone roadside-rest/monument mucousal-artifact 'topper' in the early 1960s, those at that time about the size of a paperback-book cover.

o  The website tells us that 'Toys 'R' Us to begin selling iPad2s on Sunday April 17'.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

real explosions or...

o  About an hour ago, an explosion-like sound nearby  --  is that maybe a large truck bashing into things?

o  This morning:
Discrete memory-images thought to be 'spilling' and mentally-circulating from specific families (they're losing their minds, OK because believed to be foreign) following Kinzua Dam construction as a breach of regional Seneca tribal treaty, are in reality circulating from a viewing of a rare and tiny mucousal-artifact found in Degolia PA.

Last night:
See 'Sci/Tech' section, entry titled 'Gobsmacked by a Christian Scientist'.  Words, phrases and sentences such as that title are routinely intimidated/frightened from other people as the action of telephone call-demand strategists, who then pool such 'replies' demanded for others to use in their writing.  My comment above was again rejected, as previewed above.

A mucousal-artifact found in Degolia PA appears to be some kind of g/lob affected as a result from its placement or cover beneath limestone roadside-rest/monument structure; its content-imagery attracts small fauna to the area also believed to be a funerary site.  Because one of the content-images is viewable at very close range on the surface of the tiny waxy/gel bead (all others coiled in a strand inside the oracle-bead) that is scannable from certain perspectives, that other species are depositing historical detritus on some kind of organic gob can be surmised to be a 'Christian Scientist' no-kill perspective.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

oh that

o  Dead and criminal people all over the place nearby a garage sheltering an old Producers Bank canvas bag?  The bag, in the same category as a bankbook in terms of accountholder use, now has holes in its moisture-laden fiberwork; as something that might be grabbed from this private property and removed elsewhere, ironically constant 'report' activity and social-pressure may be a contributing factor to the death and incarceration rate within this hospital-zone west Bradford area already plagued with suspected arson rate.  In the minds of some, an individual (perhaps a child!) 'sent in' to grab that bag might also be directed with crushing force toward the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead site in Degolia PA a few miles south from these Bradford PA city environs ('practice').  The bag has been reported to local police as a continuous focus of some addressed very nearby (including 'plants' and known recruitment/attack-callers) while others die or transgress all around, and will be returned to the bank sometime soon.

o  More the rage  --  one-cent Blackberrys (R) distributed through the U. S. Postal Service as an AT&T 'special offer' cannot function as expected during ISP network outages and interference or, perhaps, during orchestrated objection (i.e., a deliberate entrapment effort) to "one sent" business-scheme corruption permitted to happen that distributes the other-wise costly devices so cheaply.  Why should AT&T 'reward' its customers with penny-charge 'phones, claimed to be 'marketplace demand'?  --  one rationale being because the same aggressive influence-networking demands can also jack-up cellphone service charges and initiate/shut-down 'phone service-orgs altogether.

Wells Fargo Bank has suddenly increased its $5.00 basic-checking service charge to $7.00 without much  advance notice (e.g., no Internet website notice).

Many such changes occur as demonstration of the power of business-domain communities to suddenly affect accountholders; i.e., any change accrues influence to the change-makers (right or wrong), including the possibility/success of intentionally-directed negative consequences.

Friday, April 15, 2011

sunny and cool (soon no school)

o  Went to BAPL, where yesterday's Bradford Era newspaper included a supplement advertising Sears products, that showed "...Craftsman (R) 12-inch large mouth tool bag..."

The BE dated 4/13/2011 describes 'Porcupine Season Approved' (p 14) datelined Harrisburg, "The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners, based on a request by Game Commissioner David Putnam at the Board's October meeting and an amendment offered Tuesday...gave final approval to a specific hunting season for porcupines...from September 1 through March 31, the daily limit is six and the field possession limit is 12...". Possibly, this is an attempt to blame active porcupines way later/earlier than summertime for drowning deaths in the Kinzua Reservoir  --  see, e.g.,  'Skeletal remains found along allegany resevoir' at Allegany, NY forum discussions.

o  Line-drawing 'baby-over-a-bucket' containers set on sidewalk outside Corner Bar renovation area at Mechanic and E Washington Streets.  Damaged eaves-trough extended on ground in front of Veterans organization building addressed Barbour Street near S Center Street.  Lengthy cigarette drops, one in front of home addressed Barbour Street and others alongside a small rusted drainage grate south side West Washington Street across from vacated shopping plaza area.  Poplin Avenue road renovation work continues.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

return to the BAPL stacks

Went to the library and there it was again  --  French-language Indochine Profonde, a large but not lengthy book of photographs.  Could this be a volume that contributed to U. S. Viet Nam war entry/conditions?  --  a number of the photos show traditional human activity, but those pictured have cigarettes in their mouths.  More quotes:

o  " troupe de ballet lui addresse des offrandes et des invocations..." (p 52)
o  LAOS:  "...Chaque question du debutant attirera la meme reponse qui est un peu la devise du Laos:  Vo Mi, il n'y en a pas.  "Je voudrais un pirogue  --  Vo Mi,  --  Comment?  Je la vois d'ici.  --  Oui, mais il n'y a pas de pirogiers, Vo Mi, ils sont a la peche.  --  Alors, je partirai a pied avec les porteurs.  --  Vo Mi, ils sont a la chasse.  --  Je partirai donc seul sur la piste.  --  Vo Mi, depuis les pluies elle n'existe plus..."."  (p 62)
o  "Un million d'elephants, meme au pays Lan Xang, cela ne tient pas sur un photo."  (elephant photo, p 64)
o "...Ce pays pathetique change du Nord au Sud..." (p 79)
o "...Gardez votre bouche comme une jarre et vos pensees comme une forteresse..." (p 103)

Photo credited to Kim Kahn in Indochine Profonde by J. P. Dannaud, Les Presses de l'Imprimerie Georges Lang, Paris:1954.  Big mouth or mutilation?

Road work continuing on Poplin Avenue.  Metal railing dislodged north side bridge over Bennett Brook on Willard Avenue; orange netting down, on sidewalk, also no spray mechanism function.  Dark-blue-and-white-striped shorts on curb south side Pleasant Street between N Bennett and N Center Streets; same styrofoam food container/remains lying inside corner-fence that bounds lawn extended from School Street property address, seems to be a discard first seen during the summertime.

'sent' into Bradford PA? know your options

The mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle has no odor or aroma.

Plus, this comment from, Lancaster PA forum entry titled, "Police:  York man delivered Ecstasy to officer in Lancaster':

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

why me

1490 NewsBlog: BT Resident Ordered to Plug Wells Near One Explosion Site

1490 NewsBlog: BT Resident Ordered to Plug Wells Near One Explosion Site

...abandoned wells.

Note: The year 1976 was a telling one for many families allied in the 'Declaration of Independence' set, when many other populations residing in the Americas continued their day-to-day lives and activities without any special-anniversary celebration. Although all students enrolled in the United States public-schools system are asked to pledge allegiance to the 'stars-and-stripes' flag, that particular political set is not the only or sole continental-populations allegiance.  More than 200 years after the 'War for Independence', has that political set become an identifiable persecution complex?

1490 NewsBlog: Oil/Gas Driller's Skull Crushed

1490 NewsBlog: Oil/Gas Driller's Skull Crushed

Old news, but what's happening here is...

Monday, April 11, 2011


o  Today at 5:25 p. m., loud blast as if an explosion occurred nearby.

o  Within the past week, gas-meter heard again to be clicking/ticking still, alongside Kennedy Street sidewalk at Hull Electrical Supply store wall not far from Tun'a Creek.

o  Months ago, new dark-brown burlap bag seen alongside West Corydon Street north side between berm and waterstream below roadway here in Bradford PA, not far from UPB campus.  Didn't take a pic  --  burlap as a landscaping aid is old-timey, though.

the trials and tribulations of tiny-artifact discovery

Epidemic of Lyme disease-bearing ticks can be found throughout the area

Epidemic of Lyme disease-bearing ticks can be found throughout the area

Who gets the ticks after deer-killing season, when living/breathing deer which breath life into remote fruit-and-berry flora are slaughtered for food?


Will lime-green knit hair-covers be fashioned using Domestications (R) Sleepy-Tee (R) examples?

1490 NewsBlog: Lawmakers Vote to Avert Shutdown

1490 NewsBlog: Lawmakers Vote to Avert Shutdown

Make it four times -- who hasn't turned to shut a door and had a hairband slide down over his/her face?

1490 NewsBlog: Police Release Photo of Save-A-Lot Burglary Suspect; Ask for Public's Help

1490 NewsBlog: Police Release Photo of Save-A-Lot Burglary Suspect; Ask for Public's Help

Thrice said, an underlying issue might be toque-style knit hair-covers used to save-not-cut-or-shave underlying hair-lengths.

LocalNet - France bans face-covering Islamic veil

LocalNet - France bans face-covering Islamic veil

Again, the real issue might be mass-produced hair-covers that don't slide down over the face and are different but similar to knit caps.

LocalNet - Italy challenges EU over Tunisian migrants

LocalNet - Italy challenges EU over Tunisian migrants

The real international issue may be "how-to" initiation (within manufacturer domains) of another form of hair-cover that is a combination of knit headband and snood -- therefore, I have submitted a 'hat-tee' hosiery-tunic suggestion at

Saturday, April 9, 2011

other smack-downs, recent

o  Just days after searching to more precisely find Homestead Avenue here in Bradford PA city environs, the Palm Beach Post (FL) newspaper has presented an entry titled, '7-year-old shields younger boys from attacking dog' datelined Homestead, FL, April 8 2011.

o  Among reality companies using titles that were words/phrases elicited during telephone call-demand activity operational in various United States locales, a sign giving notice to 'Rocking Horse Reality' sits in a nearby yard.  Use of such words and phrases demanded and garnered from specific individuals through the telephone can be linked with certain kinds of prostitution as a result from confusion, disagreement and logic/source trace-efforts.

o  It's around 3:30 p. m. here at Pleasant Street home addressed between N Bennett and N Center Streets, south side, and a green corrugated fiberglass panel has loosened and is loudly and intermittantly banging to and from its original placement as part of a neighboring fence.

Friday, April 8, 2011

IV Autumn Conference of the Centre of Excellence in Cultural Theory

IV Autumn Conference of the Centre of Excellence in Cultural Theory

Don't you want to rush around and submit someTHING!

BrainBlog: Handedness

BrainBlog: Handedness

...or, is it easier to see the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle while standing on the upslope above its limestone roadside-rest/monument cover than below site looking upslope? The stonework seating formerly placed below the mucousal-artifact site in Degolia PA indicates perhaps that upslope observation requires a time-sensitive 'rest' as accommodation of appendix-side human-physique carriage and hand-extension probability.

more Erie effects

Comment above posted at Bradford PA forum entry titled, 'Catholic priest from Erie diocese charged in Bradford'.

o  A ConAgra-linked website presented on Banquet (R) food packages (and others) accepts number-codes from those packages to 'end child hunger'.  The pot-pies, as example, feature veggies and meat cut into squares that in some fundamental way offend/alarm other species such that protection-during-consumption is a priority measure.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

ho ho ho, the French still "no"

The changes to the Degolia PA archaeological oracle-bead site have been incredibly harsh during past decades.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Brrr, snow flurries and slush return

o  Steps leading to/from 'heinous house' addressed Pleasant Street are breaking (and nearly straight-angled upslope from sidewalk).  Didn't dare to take large plastic peanut-butter container from Pleasant Street sidewalk, inner surface yet coated with its contents, and throw it in the creek for the aquatic wildlife but did place it and a drug-bottle in a plastic bag outside trash-strewn residence at Jackson Ave and Summer/Pleasant Streets intersection.
o  Below:  Striped 'caution' sign down in the snow beside Tun'a Creek at the Kennedy St bridge.

o  Small 'no trespassing, private parking' lot sign sprayed with gray paint alongside Boylston Street, below much larger 'PARKING' lettered sign.  Banana peels again seen in E Washington St bridge area, in street beside pedestrian crosswalk.  Capless, broken and sharp-edged small sidewalk pipes encountered south side W Washington Street and west side N Center Street.

o  Book still there at BAPL  --  took more notes from La Musique et le Ballet.  Word danse found throughout can be equated with term 'discrete' "...dans le sujet qui nous occupe...le sujet etait presque toujours mythologique ou historique....le maitre transmettait ces danses a ses disciples... dans...ouvrages, catalogue, decrit et decompose les danses antique...."(pp. 15-16).

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1490 NewsBlog: 'Eisenhower' at Eldred WWII Museum

1490 NewsBlog: 'Eisenhower' at Eldred WWII Museum

Would it be easier to uncover the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle during the winter months, amid expansive ice and snow, to contain it for professional study and museum display?

Monday, April 4, 2011


A thunderstorm is active here in Tun'a Valley environs, with vehicular sirens sounding in the rain downpour.

1490 NewsBlog: Sisters Celebrate 150th Anniversary

1490 NewsBlog: Sisters Celebrate 150th Anniversary

Here they came, "serving the Erie Diocese", yesterday to St. Bernard's Church here in Bradford PA and celebrated a Mass.

Also, entry titled 'Father Packard to lead Masses' can be viewed at and at other entry is titled 'Rev. Walter Packard Takes Over Reins of two Local Catholic Churches', "A priest from Fairview, near Erie..."  --  whereas a local priest with ties to Stuart FL must face criminal charges.

LocalNet - Troops fire on Yemen protest, 6 killed, 30 wounded

LocalNet - Troops fire on Yemen protest, 6 killed, 30 wounded

When I first found the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle in the 1960s, some (only some) of its content-imagery (e.g., mental-set of worldwide palm-trees) was mentally transmitted within some social settings. A supermarket called Sal's was initiated at Barbour Street address concurrent with UPB campus installation here in the Tun'a Valley. Many yet await more oracle-bead content-imagery to circulate from my living brain, and have not supported nor initiated a legal, formal archaeological investigation at actual oracle-bead site in Degolia PA just outside Bradford PA.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A strong argument for forgery of copper 'codex' | Evangelical Textual Criticism

A strong argument for forgery of copper 'codex' | Evangelical Textual Criticism

'Alpha' as the Greek letter resembling the oracle-bead, and 'lambda' as a wavelength symbol, "both...simply represented, in each of the texts, by the shape..." (teepee?) can mean that an oracle-bead without human stewardship is merely a distraction observed from afar.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

pack and pics, cool and sunny, some snow yet lying

Brick sidewalk east side Pearl Street between Pleasant and School Streets disarrayed, pothole-like depression.  Large metal dumpster behind Bradford Era offices extended onto sidewalk, one hinge protruding nearly at eye level.  Lengthy cigarette drop Boylston Street;  empty beer bottle in grass near sidewalk extending beside Old City Hall to back parking lot area.

While walking northward alongside East Main Street, small amount of paper sewage seen lying around small sidewalk pipe near Eagles Club; street asphalt also cracking alongside curb and across roadway.  Brown beer bottle lying in lawn, Asbury Methodist Church addressed E Main St near Kendall Ave.  Leaning wooden electrical-line pole, E Main St near Tasta Pizza; brown beer-bottle in lawn near Valu Home Center premises, near 'St. Francis Drive' sign standing in grass.  Athletic shorts in middle E Main St near Beacon Light Behavioral Center; athletic shoe in grass near State Farm Insurance office; dangling wire from electrical-pole, extended into street near Woodlawn Avenue.

Moving along on foot into Foster Brook area, dead skunk alongside SmithWorth Company alongside E Main St at Bolivar Drive intersection; dead duck in roadway beside curb, bridge over waterstream flowing beside mini-mall across the road.  Broken brown beer-bottle in grass alongside roadway extending to WalMart; intact empty beer-bottle on berm, again beside WorthSmith not far from recently-dead skunk.  Covered, otherwise open hole between E Main St and car dealership.

A bare, pinkish bicycle-frame is again seen in the waters below the Mill Street bridge over Tun'a Creek, near ARG premises.  Graffiti remains as placed on traffic-overpass column alongside Mill St at Williams Street.

Nice walk, but some empty pill bottles lying in various locations.

Yesterday:  Bud Light (R) bottle between Dollar General and Hotel Holley, Davis Street; broken street-sign removed from Kennedy Street bridge area (lying in grass).  Antique store addressed Main Street (mid-block), moved from former corner Main at Congress Streets location, features the head-and extended-neck  of a young, black-haired wild boar mounted on a wood plaque, tuskless.