Wednesday, June 30, 2010

112 Year-Old Sunken Steamship Found in Lake Michigan - Science News - redOrbit

112 Year-Old Sunken Steamship Found in Lake Michigan - Science News - redOrbit

"...are you happy now...whoa-oa-oa?"

a 'new shoes' walk in downtown Bradford PA

View over Tun'a Creek, with cloud formation and streamside brick buildings in background, as seen from sidewalk Boylston Street.

Restored Old City Hall and other brick buildings as seen from south side Boylston Street near Kennedy Street.

Cloud bank and other atmospheric phenomena over mountain behind School Street area, as seen from Bradford Plaza area.

Jet-run sky effects, as seen from sidewalk beside TOPS Market parking lot looking westward; other view same atmospheric effects.  Also, cloud formations seen as view toward Degolia PA from sidewalk beside TOPS Market, Davis Street environs.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the French resistance

After receiving scads of by-mail invitations to join AARP, as previously noted, from some points of view presence at a recent UPB Campus Drive Senior Center Beef-on-Weck 'feed' has been successfully resisted (how to use existing ammo a possible reason for the retirement-org lure).

Clark Air Base

Clark Air Base
...or, Building a Better Anthill -- Buffalo moves South.

When Kinzua Dam was built here in McKean County, PA, at the NY/PA state line in violation of an international TRIBAL treaty (i.e. to guarantee less work not more in the region) the vast amount of water flooding the Kinzua River Valley meant more concerns about unnatural petroleum deposits that might mean increased volcano hazard.

There is a Clark Lane here in the Bradford Township area, under 10 miles from the mucousal oracle-bead artifact in its placement beneath a limestone roadside-rest/monument, from whence a search to find 'special' palm trees has traveled the globe.  As explained to the Archaeological Institute of America, one way to remove the oracle-bead artifact from its placement between limestone-structure base and ground is sometimes thought to be 'air force'.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Presbyterian Church of Falling Spring's cemetery vandalized - Topix

Presbyterian Church of Falling Spring's cemetery vandalized - Topix

Looking for something...perhaps a mucousal oracle-bead artifact? Tell your local archaeologist first.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

what's new...sort of

'Google Chrome' for some reason has replaced normal ISP function once available, but the 'Aw Snap' directive might be cause for some concern.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hands Across Sand against offshore oil on Saturday - Topix

Hands Across Sand against offshore oil on Saturday - Topix

Telephone call-demand influence-networking simply continued following both San Francisco CA 'quake of 1989 and 2004 hurricanes in Stuart FL, such demand-calls contributing to an oft-bloody death rate during and after the catastrophes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Research News in Late Antiquity: Visualising Late Antiquity Workshop 2: Shops in Late Antiquity, London, 26 June 2010

Research News in Late Antiquity: Visualising Late Antiquity Workshop 2: Shops in Late Antiquity, London, 26 June 2010

People can be pinned, squeezed and braindrained to get their family histories, or an archaeologist can be called in to examine a mucousal oracle-bead chronicle (pre-dating modern microfiche).

Anyone heard words 'Joran Van der Sloot' before S. America deaths? - Topix

Anyone heard words 'Joran Van der Sloot' before S. America deaths? - Topix

Years ago, trying to dissuade a demand-caller with references to Sloat Boulevard in San Francisco, CA, the caller spake this name...  .

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1490 NewsBlog: More Information on the Earthquake

1490 NewsBlog: More Information on the Earthquake

That sudden shaking so familiar to San Francisco, CA, area populations occurred earlier this afternoon here in Bradford PA!

1490 NewsBlog: Nushawn's Lawyer in Court Today

1490 NewsBlog: Nushawn's Lawyer in Court Today

It all dates back to a San Francisco, CA, bayfront electric company within neighborhood environs needing renovation and toxic-waste clean-up  --  not far from a 'special' historical palm-tree in Golden Gate Park..

Police, family plead for clues in woman's death - Topix

Police, family plead for clues in woman's death - Topix

A large bag of sweat-bleached sweaters plus several bags of discarded holey shoes means theatre garb to some populations, but who supplies script and gives permission?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

yesterday-evening hike - part deux

Another small dead snake, slain, in the middle of Winter Street not far from former hospital-zone snake-rock disappearance (known to be decades-long small rock embedded at Abbott Road corner that has sheltered small snakes near the former Bradford Hospital now BRMC).

Unusual hefty and ridged rock slab remains upslope from oil-history dirt road, while little green apples seem more scarce along downslope dirt road/trail.  (The rock slab resembles a number of other things such as a large vase, and/or uterus/cervix/womb.  See entries titled 'Unnecessary PAP Smears' and 'Sex after a Hysterectomy'.)

Backside window yet broken in garage behind UPB President's house, now in Springtime continued from Wintertime 2010 here in Bradford PA.

an evening oil-history hike

About 7 pm yesterday evening, these photos were taken of the oil-history equipment previously mentioned that extends along dirt roads ranging from the end of Winter St. to Sanford St at Jackson Avenue in Bradford PA.  Three different small powerhouses are shown.

No gunshots were heard during that after-dinner time period, different from the previous walk.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

buddy drops

Small greenish-black comb in supermarket parking lot, Bradford Plaza and tobacco wad on store window unit, same place.

Flashback to art-prints seen in a local art gallery in San Francisco CA that showed places without very specific people.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Should all military bases be re-named every 10 years? - Topix

Should all military bases be re-named every 10 years? - Topix

Why not ask? Some military personnel become VERY uppity, and won't give truth-in-advertising keywords during military concerts.

Mexican Army Seizes $1M from Cartel Base - Topix

Mexican Army Seizes $1M from Cartel Base - Topix

Local Bradford Area High School OWL-TV described plans to send Spanish-language classes to tour regions explored by the Spanish Armada as described within public-school history textbooks; however, a family-to-family tour plan expected to extend students cheaply into Mexico was pre-exempted in favor of an education-as-a-business travel plan.

See entries giving multilingual meanings of the word 'cuidad'.

Fun, glamour of roulette at Placerville’s Red Hawk | San Francisco Examiner

Fun, glamour of roulette at Placerville’s Red Hawk | San Francisco Examiner

The 'roulette wheel' resembles a component of old-time oil-business small powerhouse equipment yet seen in McKean County PA environs.

what they're talking about

The movie titled "Gasland' is currently the subject of mass-media review attention within a number of publication venues, including and Bradford PA newswire entries.

This panoramic traditional photo shows a painted gasland site alongside Winter Street within Bradford city limits, which does smell noticeably of natural gas.  Many places with direct views toward Degolia PA and the oracle-bead archaeological site also have such gas/oil-industry containment sites, well-maintained or not.  Paradoxically, gas/oil-industry employee alliances of residents 'planted' nearby such sites also cause atmospheric flux that increases the probability of fires from a variety of causes.

Friday, June 18, 2010

another 'just for me' drop?

Rusting keychain shown has been lying on the sidewalk in front of the Salvation Army building (former Temple Beth El) during past weeks (after wintertime 'piles of snow' scenario), addressed Jackson Avenue in Bradford Pennsylvania.  The website describes a change in Salvation Army leadership, current Captain being transferred to a different town and another due to arrive to take her place.  Keychain removed from sidewalk and placed on retaining wall days ago.

looky there

Lost or discarded shoe/boot, Pleasant Street between Pearl Street and Summer Street at Jackson Avenue in Bradford PA seen yesterday.

Also seen yesterday, portion of a 'cancer'-themed parade set-up in the early evening, with some people seated on the sidewalk as usual beside Main Street, while checking-out fast-food restaurants.  Parade is described at and at websites.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

are you serious...

The website presented Sunday June 13  an entry titled, 'SBU Signs Guard from the Netherlands'.  Maybe they'll send him across the state-line into Bradford to plump up the little green apples  --  and/or scope out the oracle-bead site in Degolia a few miles southward in the Tun'a Valley.

If a domestic guard for the archaeological site can't be justified in 'New World' Bradford-area environs, wot might happen (different from Aztecs flying in to make a grab)?

Millersville University begins work on Pennsylvania Academy of Music building - Topix

Millersville University begins work on Pennsylvania Academy of Music building - Topix

...and that's not all. Huge megachurch scheduled for York PA nearby Lancaster, where mental circulation of memory-images discovered within a tiny oracle-bead chronicle may cause the world's most HUGE cataclysmic flood ever.

let's just ask

[Also posted at, Cyclone PA forum.]

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

yesterday evening, atmospheric phenomena

Looking westward behind homes addressed south-side Pleasant Street between N Bennett Street and N Center Street, cloud- and sky-trail atmospheric formations (stitchable), Bradford Pennsylvania .

more tree-stumps and size comparisons -- cutting-girth controversy

A different kind of human energy is required to cut-and-remove live trees from their ecological niches than is used to cut out a dead tree.  Controversy continues, therefore, about the removal and uses of yet-living trees, and the minimum size-of-girth permitted.  These tree-stumps are found in a local Bradford PA city parkland.

Are live-tree cutters more prone to loss-of-limb(s) during war maneuvers?

rescheduled from May to June 2010

The website describes a presentation which began at 1 pm today titled, 'Seeking Harmony in Music Distribution'.  The ABA Connection Teleconferences Series can be Internet-accessed at, says the blogspot entry.

Comment:  Too late for the Gulf Coast... .

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

today, other aeronautic pass-overs

'Stitchable', this afternoon.  West to east passover left no trail.

a controversy not yet settled

No formal count of Subway (R) customers who might rather have jalapeno et al 'hot peppers' optional has been made public, but cellophane bags that might contain those in a basket at the checkout register have instead been filled with...(fruit)?

yesterday's parallel lines

Monday jet-run exhaust trail, perspective from back apartment addressed Pleasant Street in Bradford PA -- a game Flag Day passover pattern.

Sunday muddy Sunday (continued)

Aged oil-equipment sites are found throughout the McKean County region  --  this one arrayed alongside and over a dirt road above Prospect Avenue in Bradford PA is typical, consisting of small metal powerhouse and cables, disused pipe-lengths and an occasional coat of fresh paint.

Nearby flora includes tree-bark fungi and an unusual keyhole-type living tree-trunk setting shown in a view toward Degolia PA.

Okla. flooding leads to dramatic rescues

Okla. flooding leads to dramatic rescues

"...walked into a church..."

N. Center Street at West Washington Street, after PA District Nine Basketball Championship

Shown are sharp pieces of 'Bud Light' brown beer-bottle glass removed from curbside N. Center Street, west side; a small black comb lying at the edge of a drainage grate in N. Center Street west side; and a damaged household porch also addressed along the west side N. Center Street not far from the three-pizzeria 'devil's triangle' area addressed West Washington Street just past the public library outside downtown Bradford Pennsylvania.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

mountainside mud

Two rain-downpour episodes during the very-early and early morning left many mud puddles in the west Bradford area, none more challenging than those watery messes left in dirt-road ruts along the mountainside.

The dirt road shown begins where Winter Street in its current state ends, and extends along the mountainside through various aged oil-well equipment sites above Prospect Avenue, Winter Street, Summer Street and Pleasant Street to Sanford Street which intersects with Jackson Avenue.  A rain-clouded view toward Degolia PA from an area of new homes alongside Prospect Avenue is a micro-cultural vista. 

Other dirt roads branch from this particular road toward the mountaintop.  In the future the dirt-road/trails might be formally designated to be oil-history trails.  Shale protrudes from roadway dirt, shown during light rain-drizzle; tiny green apples already dropped on and alongside dirt road, downslope to east end Prospect Avenue, might be focus of efforts to move young food-service mothers into 'duty' to grow/cultivate those among area wildlife movements.

Returning to Pleasant Street home by way of the Country Fair store on West Washington Street (and a trio of police cars meeting in the Grace Lutheran Church parking lot), broken brown beer-bottle glass was encountered on Center Street curbside close by the area's many family-with-children homes.