Friday, October 30, 2009

Archaeologists just "warm bodies" to MBAs? - Topix

Archaeologists just "warm bodies" to MBAs? - Topix

Product-development schemes which might send dividend payments and new gadgets their way appear to the primary focus of schooled Master's of Business Administration degree awardees. Such an orientation also appears to be fostered as influence-network actions only recently addressed with state of PA 'lobby law' legislation.

qui se passe

The weekly edition of the Stuart News usually includes several newsprint sheets of ad/coupon offers, and few concern themselves about whether the print-ups are voluntary or not from companies -- except those who in some fashion feel free to affect our consciousness with demands to include then to retract such paperwork offers published in magazines and newspapers.

One such ad/coupon-offer issued in past months features 'Neosporin', an ointment once available only through a doctor or nurse and found in factories where physical injury was a daily workplace possibility. The ad reads as follows: "Today's Assignment: CHECK THE DATE! [photo of Neosporin tube] Use as directed. Get Ready for Back to School and Replace Your Expired NEOSPORIN tube. EVERY CUT, EVERY TIME, EVERYWHERE." The coupon is a 'Save 50 cents' type [but the 'cents' symbol is no longer available on many keyboards].

The ad sends a clear message that in today's school systems, students and possibly parents are going to be hurt -- especially where the number of desks relative to classroom size is not regulated with rule or law to prevent such overcrowding injuries.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well, maybe

o, Buffalo, NY, forum has a June 2008 discussion entry titled, "Do you have a gripe about New York State?"

o dated 10/27/2009 gives us, 'NY State's population continues to leave', "A report by the Empire Center for New York State Policy...NY...the largest loss of residents to other states from 2000 to 2008. Moved to other states...30% of them moved to FL and another 33% moved to neighboring PA, NJ and CT."

o gives us two entries from dated 10/25/2009: 'Two fugitives being sought by crimestoppers', one facing various "aggravated" charges "with a firearm" and the other "violation of probation of burglary of an occupied dwelling". The same Internet storyline sidebar also presents, 'Two men died after being struck by vehicle', "Two pedestrians...of Fort Myers... allegedly fighting in the middle of Okeechobee Road in Fort Pierce...died after being hit by a vehicle, according to FL Highway Patrol report. ...were in the inside lane when the front of a westbound vehicle struck them..[one] thrown into the inside lane and ...[one] thrown into the grass median. They were taken to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center with fatal injuries...the driver...failed to see them in time. ..." Each set of circumstances named different men.

Numerous pedestrian fatalities are perhaps testament to some kind of unusual mentality become prevalent here in South FL, where mute fear in the face of FL wildlife is demonstrated with a high volume of firearm sales and incessant uses of automotive vehicles characteristic of states which mass-produce manufactured vehicles.

Monday, October 26, 2009

noontime walk to west island, Indian River Lagoon

Palm Beach (FL) TV station last night showed a 500-lb swordfish hauled in after hours of rod-'n'-reel action.

While walking to west island, a red minivan passed by on A1A bearing a 'taxi' ad/designation representative among all other red cars in the region with drivers perhaps spoofing the resident hermit crab in red seashell. Two alive and well white and gray shorebirds duo alert on north shoreline, as contrast to the dead gray juvenile and white adult bird dead along SE Ocean Boulevard/A1A near Menninger Gazebo minipark last week (where an Oktoberfest celebration was scheduled this past weekend). One dark orange baby-over-a-bucket container was observed on shoreline sand just past the entry/exitway to the south walkway on Evans Crary Sr. Bridge, the same type observed on the west island weeks ago (then a pair, filled with small rocks).

Small apricot-type fruits litter the ground near the St. Lucie Boulevard end of Kcc; a handful was scooped up and some tossed into grassy area at bridge walkway entrance (near popped-palm stumps), along shoreline below bridge near orange container, into the St. Lucie River mid-stream, onto Sewall's Point shoreline river's east side, into office building yard, and into landscaped area near lagoon-side retention pond at east end of Lyons Bridge southside. Small purple berries that fall each year from a Kcc tree were removed from asphalt condo-complex entrance/exit and tossed into water from west island walkway and onto shoreline, where small fish gathered as usual.

No shiny fishhook awaited the casual pedestrian this day on the west island entry/exit walkway, as has been encountered numerous times during past walks onto the island. Some recently-emptied Miller long-neck glass bottles were removed from the shoreline rocks together with one green-glass shortneck bottle and some aged fishing line. A mid-sized adult-type horseshoe crab shed-carapace sits upon the sandy northern island shore, lacking all but the horned midsection. No hermit crabs were visible at short range during the high-tide time-period. Shoreline vines with large green hanging pods adorned the southside sand-and-grass.

Three dead skates, filleted, lay about three feet from the water upon piled rocks at the far eastern end of the west island. Many small lizards, some red-headed, scrambled throughout the island together with crows, ospreys, pelicans and various shorebirds. One-half of a good-sized stone crab lay in northside shoreline water, with one claw. A bed-sized castor-wheel also lay at the southside waterline. A handful of glass pieces -- clear, brown and green -- were removed from the sand and placed in trash receptacle.

One live honeybee and one shed honeybee casting lay on northside walkway, Evans Crary Sr. Bridge during return walk to Kcc.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's new on the range

Passing along a recipe:

Two frozen, breaded chicken breasts (available in bags in supermarket freezer sections)
Greek pepperoncini, cut or snipped into rings
Oil, about two tablespoons (e.g. olive)
Half onion or less, sliced into small pieces
Half can crushed pineapple
Thin-sliced watermelon rind immersed in leftover pepperoncini liquid about a month (matchsticks also work well in stir-fry)
Cooked rice

Cook the rice according to package instructions (usually two cups of boiling water to cook one cup dry rice). Add (olive) oil to saute pan, heat on medium then reduce heat slightly. Add pepperoncini and cook about five minutes to reduce mouth-feel burn-factor; add onions and watermelon rind, poultry, vinegar and crushed pineapple. Cover and let heat through using 'simmer'; turn off heat and continue covered-pan cook-then-cool.

Shred poultry and serve over rice with peppers, watermelon rind, onions, and pineapple.

Another, fast and easy:

One package refrigerated tortellini
Can or jar spaghetti sauce with mushrooms
Can 'jumbo' size artichokes (roughly the size of golf balls)

Prepare tortellini according to package instructions, usually immersion in boiling water with brief cooking time. Remove hot pasta with slotted spoon or tongs and place in bowl; reserve liquid for some other cooking task. Pour canned sauce over hot pasta to taste; add one or more artichokes.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


This image shows an example of tree-trunk and vine life-support, although that balance was battered and awash during the hurricanes of 2004 in Stuart, FL, leaving the cedar trunk and vines barely alive.
The Possum Long Memorial Gardens and Nature Center is a semi-private preserve located very near the Hospital minipark. The place features small memorial benches, a number of trees with pink vinyl ribbons, a plant nursery, and paths that meander through dense foliage, some heavy trees and storm-damaged arboretum.

Friday, October 23, 2009

more fire-related coincidences

Tonight, a 'No Time for Crime' get-together was scheduled at the Hobe Sound Community Center in Hobe Sound, FL, just days after a major fire in nearby Jupiter left one woman dead. The annual 'Mutt March' has also been scheduled, sponsored by the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast -- a dog can parade for free and then participate in the Crazy Canine Costume Contest in Stuart, where vendors will present a 'flealess market'. The third annual 'Fire Fest' has also been scheduled at Jonathon Dickinson Park in Hobe Sound.

A Halloween Half-Marathon is also scheduled to be run Sunday.


This past week's walk to the newsrack near the Martin County Golf Course (10/21/2009) was notable because a long extended bloody skid mark was evident upon the sidewalk -- one guess being that one of the multitude of small lizards in the region was flattened beneath a bicycle tire and carried in the tread.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

invasive surgery

A Palm Beach, FL, TV station regularly broadcasts an ad/announcement that describes 'bariatric surgery' in the context of casual-choice prime-time television-viewing hours.

In the past, testimonies and photographic displays have also been presented during a 'Talk show' live-broadcast format where individuals who had been made subjects of the surgery showed and gave very-frightened verbal descriptions of the procedure. Apparently, those who were completely helpless and could not control the impetus to route them into surgery have the highest death rate, while others are lured 'under the knife' with offers of 'study money' and various publication/media renumeration settings.

However, the same call-demand influence-networking (akin to 'hazing') which affects bodily functioning in ways that cause obesity also demands shape-up activities, a physiological paradox that might put such networkers in the stockade or federal prison as the result from a legal due process -- hence the contemporary seizure and paperwork write-up of a surgical solution to quickly reshape their victims, during which operations the victims might also die without providing any statements or testimonies to law enforcement agencies.

The 'bariatric surgery' solutions should not be not casual or commonplace decisions, yet children watching television during the prime-time viewing hours can easily conclude that the surgical procedure is something similar to chosing a topical ointment or nasal-decongestant formula.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

grave misinterpretations

The website shows a number of entries and photos of Laos, its remaining bombs, and the Plain of Jars.

The Plain of Jars is significant in United States' military history because reconnaissance over the "recognized archaeological site" resulted in some conflict. At the time, what had been communicated to a University-linked influence-network is that a special jar was needed to contain a tiny mucousal artifact -- an oracle-bead chronicle -- in its placement beneath a limestone roadside-rest monument located in Degolia, PA. Instead, reconnaissance over Laos was scheduled as if a huge Laotian jar was needed to contain the limestone roadside-rest monument!

high-altitude hijinks

o The website presents an ad/notice, 'Candy BuyBack, kids 12 and over, one lb = $1...Signature Smile Designs, Inc. ...' to herald the upcoming Halloween observations in Bradford, PA.

The website also give us 'Eldred volunteer fireman accused of starting two fires', Smethport, PA, " connection with arson fires at both fire departments...Eldred Township Volunteer...and...Borough Volunteer... . ...ignited rolls of bathroom tissue in the storage closet...flare on the front seat of... fire truck... ".

o Buffalo, NY, forum also presents a lengthy series of comments about the behavior of volunteer firefighters.

These are northwest PA/NY regions.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

temperature changes

The temperature has been in the 90-degree Fahrenheit range throughout the past month here in Martin County, FL, both day and night. It is a sudden change to a 6o-degree F atmosphere that has caused the comforter to be shaken/dusted off and brought forth during the nighttime as a significant change from no sheets or blankets whatsoever used during the tropical heat wave.

A stiff breeze has loosened a layer of dust and whatnot within premises that had become too hot to comfortably wield a vacuum cleaner, and a slight cough with oozy eyes and nose just happens as change from the constant sweat that literally drips from skin everywhere. With an array of lizards, snakes, long-beaked shorebirds and various paw-footed mammals ranging throughout Stuart, beliefs that swine flu is amongst us ('H1N1' being to some a sort of shorthand abbreviation of one aunt's married name) seems to be a serious mistake.

A theatre known as 'The Barn' is located nearby the intersection with one mall on SE Ocean Boulevard that lacks pedestrian entry/exitway -- its marquee gives notice of a performance-to-come titled, 'I Never Sang for My Father'. Awhile ago the asphalt trail leading to the theatre and small neighborhood behind the Church of the Redeemer was posted with a 'Private Road' sign lest anyone attempt further the easy way in/out to/from the Ocean East Mall, over a small wooden bridge much less noisy and perilous than the major traffic-light roadway entrance/exits whereby pedestrians must walk along a concrete curb-lining. [It is the same type of sign that appeared at an FBI parking lot during the 1970s in Kenmore, NY, which is a Buffalo, NY, neighborhood]. Because a call-demand influence-network has been operating in the region, we can only hope that everyone who has never sung for their father will not be singled out and psychologically destroyed.

Friday, October 16, 2009

more of the same - but different

This piece of shoreline 'heart' art was found many months ago on a Hutchinson Island beach in Martin County, FL.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Don't panic, but beetles are invading" from

The Stuart News dated 2/5/2009 presents the above-referenced title within its 'St. Lucie County' section, where "...Anita S. Neal, director and horticulture agent at the St. Lucie County Cooperative Extension Service..." advises against panic when facing the symptoms of 'laurel wilt disease'.

"Laurel wilt disease is caused by a fungus transmitted by the redbay ambrosia beetle, an Asian native thought to have arrived in the United States in 2002 in wood products. Symptoms include wilted stems and leaves, black streaking in the wood and compacted sawdust protruding from the trunks. ...".

An avocado plant set outside months ago here in Kcc appears to have most of those symptoms listed -- the wilted stems and leaves, and the black streaking in the yet-green stem becoming woody. However, if a fungus is the culprint, in all fairness it should be added that the approximately three-foot-tall plant has been rooted in standing rainwater intermittantly during past months, double-potted in a traditional clay pot together with a 'Made in China' tublike container that resembles styrofoam and has a stamped drainage-hole area on the bottom which must be cut with a knife to ensure actual drainage. Feeling smart after the tub's purchase, I simply scored the drainage 'stamp' hoping that a trickle-out would be appropriate.

However, it can easily be seen that the plant just could not withstand the amount of water pooled around its root system -- it has wilted, the leaves are withered and falling-off, and the stem is streaked as if implanted with perhaps a fungus that might stabilize the cellulose composition. As a tenant in San Francisco, CA, a similar type of symbiosis was observed among tall but destabilized redwoods enduring constant traffic flow -- tough-stemmed ivy vines grow skyward up and along the trunks of such trees as if engaged to prop them upon pre-existing root systems that were often very shallow although the trunks can be several feet in diameter.

So, okay, I saw an unusual new beetle on the Evans Crary Bridge today, but why panic?

we're all doing what?

The PC Desktop-terminal program-initiation screen (Microsoft Windows) asserts that we are "verifying DMI pool data" when we use Internet Service Provider programs. However, are we always verifying what DMI already knows when we enter our information contributions to the common computer-domain database?

What happens when something totally unusual enters the common databases aggregate may be the stuff of stock-market fluxuation and troop-movement meltdowns.

Plus, my images entered during previous post that show pink ribbons affixed to roadway sign and railing now appear to be muddled (analogous to airbrushing?) as if the 'pink ribbons' have been taken out of the pictures -- and easily so.

[10/17/2009 -- pink ribbons visible again in images, did I neglect to use the term 'vinyl'? Additional pink ribbon affixed to railing at entry/exitway to Crary Bridge, north walkway to/from Sewall's Point near Benihana Restaurant; together with pillow-puff inflated plastic grocery-bag padding access handle on protective standing-metal cabinet.]

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'fear of falling' plus

o A very special type of apprehension has become more visible with the advent of the new age-55+ condo complexes -- the fear that deep, necessary sleep within the decidely-demarcated condo complexes will trigger a call to paramedics who then gain entry to cart a person away forthwith.

o The 'Security Tool' computer-program pop-up apparently has some power of its own to tidyly flip off' ISP users in mid-search. The yellow 'balloon' notice features the words "unathorised modification" -- yes, that spelling.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

pink ribbons in Stuart, FL, watershed

Post-hurricanes Stuart, FL, has become the setting now for an action by which pink plastic ribbons are affixed to signposts and other roadside fixtures presumably as signals to their cancer-stricken "friends" that some roadways are more amenable to their conditions than others.

However, that the various surgical cancer-patient conditions include cuttings and implants that remind or foster altogether wrong beliefs among vehicular traffic patterns that hurricane survivors are passing through can be construed as yet another trick to claim the hurricane-shocked region -- such cancer survivors were for the most part instead residing elsewhere during the consecutive major storms in Martin County, FL.
The images show a 'pink tie' intersection and 'pink tie' placements at an entry/exitway to the Evans Crary Sr. Bridge over the St. Lucie River, intersection of St. Lucie Boulevard with SE Ocean Boulevard/A1A.

computer virus prejudices

Is the McAfee computer virus-control program actually another strategy in an ongoing vigilante discovery effort to find the McKinley assassin? ISP users should have the right to decline direct contact with such influence-networking activity that can continuously interfere with legal investigation agencies' function. Norton Anti--Virus programs as well allude to some sort of historical punishment mentality, when in reality ISP users want freedom from advertiser and political unwanted contact interference during search sessions.

'Security Tool' is a pop-up program that disrupts ISP use in ways that might compromise personal safety among extremist groups, using a "continue unprotected?" query that must be clicked so that the pop-up will 'disappear' during ISP use.

Monday, October 12, 2009

'Recruiter of female bombers held' from Palm Beach Post - Topix

'Recruiter of female bombers held' from Palm Beach Post - Topix

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Someone sometime -- preferably a licensed archaeological-investigation team -- should approach the northwest PA oracle-bead chronicle site with intent to contain the mucousal artifact, but the fear that the bead might be a bit of nitroglycerin is being used to orchestrate suicide-bombing oversees.

Own premises for Archaeological Institute of America? - Topix

Own premises for Archaeological Institute of America? - Topix

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That schools are NOT appropriate places to house AIA domain continues to be a sociopolitical issue.

"referee"? no

The same call-demand influence-network that directs spyware and computer"virus" programs to your PC terminal operation also offers a service to eliminate the "threats" -- costs about $50.00, as if the ISP user is doing something wrong.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Post investigation: Secret legislative move leads to quick $20 million for project in St. Lucie

A Post investigation: Secret legislative move leads to quick $20 million for project in St. Lucie

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Note: uses of animation to present documentaries has already been evident within the 'History Channel' and others where 'local hero' culture predominates.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

you may have been wondering...

Shown is the Socrates spider, also known as the 'Cellar Spider'. Some are characteristically white when inhabiting a cellar.

Where's Daddy? (continued)

Years ago, blessed with my first facsimile machine as a tenant in San Francisco, CA, I was able to 'send out' observations about any unusual attention directed my way -- one such perception being that a 'Golden Medical Services' van was cruising to 'check [my] condition' as an SSI recipient and subject of a telephone call-demand influence-network. My reaction was simple -- to fax a local publication and ask if 'Golden Medical Services' could change its name.

Subsequently local San Francisco Giants home-run hero Barry Bonds (whose 'first' name matches the name of a street located in my birthplace, Bradford, PA) and others were lured into an influence-network business-development scheme known throughout mass media as "the Balco scandal", whereas 'Balco' was originally intended to refer to the necessity to formally investigate an archaeological site in Degolia, PA, nearby south Bradford in McKean County, PA. As example, "the clear" and "the cream" were intended to describe the physical properties of the mucousal oracle-bead artifact not yet contained in some kind of special jar even after decades of explanations.

The Palm Beach Post dated 2/4/2009 gave us 'Bank signs enforcement agreement' from Boca Raton, FL, "...the agreement ...signed by Sun American...Bank President Michael Golden and others...ordered the bank to "eliminate or correct the violations of law and regulation" discovered by regulators, although those violations weren't specified".

Dear Daddy, who slightly sped while driving on A1A among others while negotiating new roadway asphalt here in Stuart, FL, post-hurricanes of 2004, where are you now?

Los Angeles Police: San Francisco Stabbing of French National Hughes de la Plaza Probably Suicide - Topix

Los Angeles Police: San Francisco Stabbing of French National Hughes de la Plaza Probably Suicide - Topix

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The 'startle reflex' can be induced so as to cause sudden tissue separation (e.g., repeated telephone rings).

San Francisco artist's painful death shines light on rare form of suicide - Topix

San Francisco artist's painful death shines light on rare form of suicide - Topix

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Wait, another match-toss incident!

Friday, October 9, 2009

another wad, with accessory

Some FL parklands now feature special receptacles to hold and recycle abandoned fishing line.
This wad was found on the entry/exit walkway leading to the west island below the Lyons Bridge. A box lettered 'squid' from CA was also found alongside the shoreline nearby a mangrove cluster, together with two glass beer bottles (one quart-sized and the other small) and a Marlboro cigarette box.
Small (less than one foot long) fish were numerous schooling around the island's shoreline rocks; they jumped and skipped along the surface of the water while a flock of pelicans kept watch to claim spent ones.
Apparently the island can be used for wading/swimming as a use of heavily-weighted sinkers and lines tossed out into the lagoon to claim a demarcation zone. A popular oceanside beach is now closed as a result from erosion.

Are condominium complexes really communities or city districts? - Topix

Are condominium complexes really communities or city districts? - Topix

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One perspective is that condo complex populations are districts if they use city resources.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


One photo shows potted avocado seedlings sprouting from the soil, and one such sprout carries the fruit-seed's skin ever-upward as a sort of cap.
The other photo shows the most recent fishing-line find -- now all collectible with special containers to recycle it -- complete with rusted hook and triangular stone 'sinker'. The sinkers have the appearance of little pyamids and also appear to occur as natural flaked stone within the overall environment.

Another photo shows the location of a key-holder plastic case here in Kcc, at one time bright-blue in color now blackened from exposure to the sun.

palm-tree stump variations

See image 'Popped' trunk portion of palm-tree yet alive and rooting from its crown afar from its stump.

As previously reported elsewhere, palm trees have been known to 'pop' off their bases. The 'popped' palm shown in the accompanying image is located nearby a major A1A roadway here in Stuart, FL, and was also a hurricanes (2004) casualty with tree swept away into a neighboring scrub-brush area. The 'popped' palm-tree stumps have an interior depression that can hold rainwater or environmental debris.

Another image shows a cut palm-tree stump from a tree that began to blacken and die following low-temperature change time-period last year.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SC human interest stories published 2/2/2009

o The Stuart News dated February 2, 2009 gives us a Daytona Beach entry titled, 'Man explains how he faked death, "A South Carolina man who faked his own death 20 years ago while visiting in Florida...was charged after a traffic stop in North Carolina last weekend. ...49-year-old was running away from a drug ring when he lived in SC in 1989. He detailed his escape at a news conference Friday in NC. ...stuffed money in his pocket and hit the water off Daytona Beach...choppy waves left behind by Hurricane Hugo allowed him to swim down the beach undetected...without telling anyone... . last week".

o The Palm Beach Post dated the same day presented, 'Heart attack kills skydiver during jump', "...49-year-old...skydiving instructor...was sharing a parachute with a first-time tandem jumping...instructor...of Sumter, SC...died of a heart attack in the air...".

[...and our little pellet has been lying around A1A many moons now...]

the very latest

o Subway Restaurant on SE Ocean Boulevard no longer offers 'The Works', but instead has restored its original veggies listing.

o Dollar General has shelved its Halloween-season stock, and that stock includes a plastic imitation 'severed leg and ankle' with fake blood here in post-hurricanes Stuart, FL.

o The unusual pellet has remained as orginally seen in the SE Ocean roadway near the Chevron station, so I pocketed it and have it here within Kcc grounds.

Hospitals liable when apartment-dwellers die in ER? - Topix

Hospitals liable when apartment-dwellers die in ER? - Topix

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Hospital 'emergency rooms' -- especially pyschiatric ERs -- number among the most restrictive settings imaginable. Apartment/condo-dwellers suffering from space-related disorders are carried from small to smaller space. Those suffering from sleep disorders can possibly be overly handled and snuffed out during ER-call procedures.

So why is 'space medicine' equated with rocket science?

a sense of dread verified

o As the first month beginning 2009 commenced, a trend of humans deceased continued -- a 'Johnny' died (hear tune titled, 'Johnny Get Angry (Johnny Get Mad)'). What has also happened is that the title 'Indian River Community College' here within this south Florida region was changed to 'Indian River State College' quite suddenly post-hurricanes -- another political action from the same folks who suddenly changed the 'National Organization of Women' to the 'National Organization for Women' in the 1970s.

o The 1/31/2009 issue of the Palm Beach Post newspaper presents a notice describing a "REWARD offered by the insurers of up to $5000,000.00 for information or assistance leading to the Recovery of Jewelry and Precious Stones stolen during an Armed Robbery at Lee Havens Jewelry...Palm Beach..." earlier in January 2009.

Will your family be yet another dupe of that same influence-network operation?

Do Candy-Eating Kids Become Criminal Adults?

Do Candy-Eating Kids Become Criminal Adults?

'Someone has to eat it all' -- those who do have a standing reservation at a FL prison complex?

The Cops Get a Zeta Sedan

The Cops Get a Zeta Sedan

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...and "Old King Cole was a merry old soul..." plus one Holden was a dentist... .

Monday, October 5, 2009

What's usual and what's not

A quick survey of the roadway area between St. Lucie Boulevard and Monterey Road here in Stuart, FL, yesterday evening showed what's usual: rusting metal fasteners including screws, nuts, bolts and nails; plus one new four-inch long nail spike; plus various rusting slender metal rods under 12-inches long; plus one newer metal rod bend into an angle-shape -- all in bicycle lanes.

One shade-of-green-colored disposable lighter was removed from bicycle lane nearby Cedar Pointe Plaza.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Officials: Missing SC nuclear pellets not risky - South Carolina & Regional - Wire - The Sun News

Officials: Missing SC nuclear pellets not risky - South Carolina & Regional - Wire - The Sun News

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A nuclear pellet for us? Among items recently found within SE Ocean Boulevard bicycle lane here in Stuart, FL, was numbered a pellet with the same appearance as those described in the article.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

One evening this past week a Palm Beach television station broadcast a video that showed a group of fire-fighters standing outside a small wooden house with equipment in hand; one of them inexplicably tossed a lit match at the painted structure which immediately began to blaze, while those shown standing in the front yard then struggled to extinguish the flames that one of them had started. The narration overvoice stated that the building had been donated to the fire-rescue group, and that those (while before the camera) had decided to use it to demonstrate fire-fighter actions in a training videotape (we are to believe).

However, one local Stuart, FL, Subway sandwich franchise always gives out 'hot' jalapeno and banana peppers with each order although an option described as 'The Works' specifically excludes those tongue-and-throat-searing veggies, such that hungry sandwich buyers invariably encounter the hot peppers anyway and must remove them, yet still encounter hot-pepper juice within and on palate.

What do these two cultural demonstrations have in common? --that destructive 'heat' is used to alert a population that their saviors will also knowingly and willfully cause damage-conditions as a public culture-clash action also claimed to be instructive.

Friday, October 2, 2009

many ways missing

"Stamps banned in the United States for 40 years..." - Topix

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NAACP wants federal probe of police shooting - Topix

NAACP wants federal probe of police shooting - Topix

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"Have gun will travel" is not such a new philosophical orientation.

believe it or not

o Among the 'free' publications offered from newsracks here in Martin County, FL, is a photo-intensive Car & Truck buyers guide that can number as much as 88 pages per edition. The monthly guide presents different automotive-dealers located within the West Palm Beach/Treasure Coast (Florida) locales with photos of each available vehicle.

The 'AUTOADVICE' listing on the front page of the September 24, 2009, edition shows a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT with so-called "suicide doors" that paradoxically enough triggered memories of a young female amputee sent into a local public swimming pool within the McKean County (PA) city of Bradford, who then was observed to repeatedly plunge off a 'low-board' diving-board into the pool while all watched nearby a life-guard who daily emerged from family property only a block away from the public parklands. That the Honda Odyssey has a similar suicide-door design is also relative to the condition of the girl, who had lost a hand during some kind of incident and who thereafter resided at the Bradford Children's Home.

o Subsequent to the croc-in-pain cloud formation previously described, a similar such formation viewable from the same Kcc perspective (looking westward from northeast Stuart, FL) was seen to be a shark-shape with young-one (or remora) that had remarkably detailed and symmetrical atmospheric 'scaling' behind the head-shaped area of that cloud-formation.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bay Area Samoans gathering to help tsunami victims - Topix

Bay Area Samoans gathering to help tsunami victims - Topix

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Yes, Virginia, Samoans in the San Francisco, CA, Bay Area.

yep, there's a difference

The St. Lucie River does flow differently now, with appearance of small rapids when gazing out over the waterflow from the north side of the Crary Bridge.

Small fish litter the shorelines of the East Island beneath the Lyons Bridge in the middle of the Indian River Lagoon, mostly stripers but also some mackerel and one lone catfish, their internal organs, eyes and flesh quickly gone leaving husk-like outer skin and scales lying in the sand.